The Globetrotter’s Gift Guide!

Give the gift kids and parents love this holiday season with a Little Passports subscription! It’s fun, educational, and it lasts all year long. We have adventures for ages 3-12, so check out our round-up of gifts for the little globetrotters in your life.

Subscription adventures for ages 3-12!


Early Explorers Subscription

Early Explorers
Recommended for ages 3-5

“It’s the perfect way to introduce world geography to preschoolers.”- Mom of 4-year old  subscriber

Preschoolers explore a new world theme each month like Music, World Landmarks and Dinosaurs. Each monthly package includes a 20-page activity booklet, fun souvenirs, trading cards, letters, photos, stickers and more.

Inspire the curious preschooler in your life to learn about the world with characters Max, Mia & Toby! They’ll love sharing what they’ve learned, like locating the continents on the wall-sized world map, or naming the oceans they explored with the Oceans theme. Learn More.

World Edition Subscription

World Edition
Recommended for ages 6-10

“I was very impressed with all of the details and great activities provided.” – Mom of a 6-year old subscriber

Discover a new country each month with pen pals Sam & Sofia! Packages include letters, fun souvenirs, activity sheets, stickers, photos and more, plus access to the Boarding Zone for more online games!

It’s a fun way to learn about geography and cultures around the world, right from your kitchen table. Plus, what kid doesn’t love receiving a package in the mail each month? Learn More.

USA Edition Subscription

USA Edition
Recommended for ages 7-12

“They are learning and having fun at the same time!”- Grandparent of two subscribers

Discover the USA with monthly activities, games, science experiments & more! Two new states are featured each month in our 32-page activity-packed State Journal, along with stickers, postcards, pop-out models and access to more facts and activities online.

Each monthly package has new and fun ways to discover all 50 states with pen pals Sam & Sofia. Kids can explore Louisiana’s swamps, make Chicago’s delicious deep dish pizza, learn about the history of the Brooklyn Bridge, and more! Learn More.

More Gifts – All Under $25!

Toby Plush

It’s Toby, the globetrotting canine from our Early Explorers subscription! He’s been to Antarctica, explored the Amazon, and walked along the Great Wall of China. Now, your child can take Toby on their own adventures with this cuddly 6” plush.

Souvenir Picture Book

This interactive book includes 7 souvenirs from Max, Mia and Toby’s travels, including a hieroglyph puzzle, travel snapshots from Australia, and a train ticket from Japan. Children will love learning about different countries and cultures around the world with this colorful book.

World Coin Collection

Start your very own world coin collection! You’ll receive 20 real coins from around the world, such as a centavo from Argentina and a kopek from Russia. Includes an activity booklet, magnifying glass & storage pouch.


Weather Lab Science Kit

This science kit for kids includes three separate science activities that explore the power of nature. Create an exploding volcano, make it snow in July, and create a tornado vortex. This activity kit includes the instructions to simulate these phenomena at home, plus illustrated learning guides!

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Printable Coloring Pages for Kids!

Hello explorers! We have a special printable just for you. Keep the kiddos busy with these FREE printable coloring pages, featuring Early Explorers characters Max, Mia & Toby.

Click the image below  to download your coloring book. Enjoy!

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Locate the Dwarf Planets with Kids!

Get to know Florida, with fun facts and a printable activity sheet!


Thanksgiving Around the World!

This week, our crafty friend Brandy has shared her easy 4-step guide to making a Thanksgiving Around the World Turkey out of craft supplies and a small pumpkin. This is a fun craft for little globetrotters, who can learn about all the different traditions of the world! 

The United States isn’t the only country that celebrates a day of Thanksgiving. Many countries around the world take part in a day of giving thanks, feasting with family and friends, and enjoying the bounty of harvest.

United States

In the US, Thanksgiving is celebrated the 4th Thursday in November. Modeled after harvest festivals, the first Thanksgiving occurred in 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It is a day to give thanks for the bounty and blessings throughout the year. A large feast with family and friends is typical of an American Thanksgiving. Traditional foods are turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and breads.


Canada celebrates Thanksgiving on the 2nd Monday in October. In the 1500′s, Frobisher, an arctic explorer, was trying to find a passageway to the Pacific Ocean. After surviving the long journey he gave thanks with a ceremony in Newfoundland. It is a day to give thanks for a bountiful crop and prosperity throughout the year. Traditional foods are roast turkey, corn, pecans, pumpkin pie, and produce.


In Liberia, they celebrate with thanks on the first Thursday of November. Freed slaves from the United States brought with them some of the American traditions when they left and colonized Liberia. They celebrate freedom and blessings from God. Traditional foods are chicken, green bean casserole, and roasted cassavas. Cayenne and other peppers are often added to Liberian Thanksgiving dishes.


Celebrated on November 23rd, Labor Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday in Japan. Stemming from an ancient harvest ceremony, it is an occasion for commemorating labor and giving thanks to one another.


Celebrated on October 3rd, this day of giving thanks commemorates the hospitality that the pilgrims from Leiden received on their way to the New World. American hymns are sung and children dress in traditional pilgrim clothing during church services. Traditional foods include bread and herring.


The mid-autumn festival is a harvest festival celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month between early September and early October. The moon is the brightest at this time. This festival ends with a big feast. Friends and relatives send Moon cakes to each other as a way of giving thanks. The 3 fundamental concepts of the harvest festival are gathering, thanksgiving, and praying.

Thanksgiving Around the World Turkey

This pumpkin turkey doubles as Thanksgiving decor and a cultural activity all in one! As you learn about the different countries and their traditions, add a feather to your turkey!


craft glue
googly eyes
small pumpkin
feather printable
construction paper scraps

Download Cultural Feather Printable Here

Step 1: Begin by making a small turkey head out of construction paper scraps.

Step 2: Add googly eyes and details with craft glue. Let dry.

Step 3: Cut out feathers from the printable and decide which countries you would like to use. Tape a toothpick on the back of the turkey head and feathers.

Step 4: Press toothpicks firmly into pumpkin.

What a fun and festive Thanksgiving decoration for the table this year as we learn that we all have things to be grateful for, no matter where we live.

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Meet our guest blogger:

Brandy  is a California girl married to an Alaskan boy. They’ve lived all over the country, moving where the Coast Guard sends them, and are parents to 4 children (and a black lab puppy). Brandy has been surrounded by creative influences her entire life. Her biggest mentors being her mother and grandmother. When she grew up and started to have a family of her own, her desire to create blossomed as she turned each new house into a home. Her blog,, is a collection of some of her favorite kids activities, projects, recipes, and craft tutorials.


Exploring Canada with Little Passports!

This week, take a peek inside the World Edition’s Canada package. We asked guest blogger Amanda Shaw, a writer and mom of three (and a Canadian to boot), to tell us how her family “travels” with Little Passports. Read on!

Canadians Travel to … Canada, with Little Passports!

We’d been waiting for this month’s package for what seemed a particularly long time. When we saw the clue in our Antarctica package that next month we’d be visiting Canada, we were thrilled. How could we not be? We live on the outskirts of Montreal!

Canada’s a big country—the second largest in the world, in fact! And so it turned out that even though we live here, we had a lot to learn.

Little Passports Canada Souvenir

Within the first minute of opening up our Canada package, we couldn’t help but put ourselves into an adventure mindset. The souvenir was a little explorer’s dream: a whistle, compass and mirror all in one! (In fact, it’s a souvenir that hasn’t made it back into the suitcase.) We quickly devoured the letter (giggling over Sam’s mishap on ice skates) and learned about some amazing attractions on the other side of Canada.

Then it was time to check out the Canada activities. We started in the kitchen by whipping up some Canadian maple cookies (because, yes, we have real maple syrup on hand at all times). Please note: this recipe will yield at least four dozen cookies, even if little fingers end up stealing a lot of dough. Yum!

Canadian Maple Cookies

Building Inukshuks

We let the cookies cool off as we headed outside to make an inukshuk. We were dreaming big at this point, so we gathered large rocks from the woods behind our house, as well as from the landscaping, and the kids were very proud of their creation. We also talked about making some tiny inukshuks with pebbles from the park and leaving them in public places for others to discover.

Sweaty and tired, we retreated to the living room and had great fun coming up with a host of myths to explain the northern lights. When the conversation started to derail to stories about mythical beings passing colorful and explosive gas … well, I decided those cookies had cooled down enough and it was snack time.

Moraine Lake in Alberta, Canada

Little Passports usually gives us the travel bug each and every month. We dream about what it would be like to actually set foot in India, Egypt or Ireland. We savor the tastes of Thailand, Argentina or Russia, and wish we were buying those delicious treats from street vendors. And this month was no different! We’ve been bitten by the travel bug, but this time to explore our own beautiful land. Top of our list? Breathtaking Moraine Lake in Alberta, which we first admired on our Little Passports postcard.

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Amanda Shaw home-schools her three spirited children and blogs about their adventures at


Halloween Science Activity for Kids!

Static Ghost Experiment

Costumes and candy? Been there, done that. This year put a little more trick than treat into your Halloween festivities. Teach the kiddos about positive and negative electrons with this simple science activity.



What you need:

  • Scissors
  • Tissue
  • Tape
  • A balloon





Using your tissue paper cut out a ghost. (Tried tip: the smaller the ghost the better, we recommend about 2-3 inches max!)

Tape the tail end of the ghost to a hard surface.

Blow up your balloon and tie the end.

Rub the balloon on your head vigorously for about 10 seconds to build a static charge.

Hold the balloon just above the ghost, if your balloon has enough static charge the ghost will rise. BOO!






















How it works:

When you rub the balloon on your head electrons with a negative charge gather on the surface, those electrons have the power to pull a light object with a positive charge (such as the tissue ghost) toward them!

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