Check Out this Montessori-Inspired Global Adventure

Here at Little Passports, we inspire children to become world travelers and global citizens. While we are busy inspiring, we know you are working hard at home to make it happen.

We would like to make your job a little easier. Teaching kids about the world should be fun, exciting… and at your fingertips! Over the next year, we will be expanding our Pinterest boards to give you more ideas, more activities, and generally more ways to use Little Passports at home.

To kick off this exciting time, we have partnered with one of our Brand Ambassadors, Deb Chitwood from Deb is a Montessori certified teacher with a specialty in Early Childhood Education. She is dedicated to her field and passionate about helping families educate children. We love that!

Following Montessori inspired principles, Deb expands on the Little Passports materials we send each month to create additional activities and learning tools. Whether your family is in a traditional classroom, follows Montessori methods, or homeschools, we know you will find Deb’s pins on our shared Montessori-Inspired Global Adventure board to be a great resource!

Please come check us out Montessori-Inspired Global Adventure! Deb will be pinning regularly each month.

  1. On 11/11/2013 Deb Chitwood said:

    Thanks so much for the lovely blog post! I’m looking forward to our new adventure on Pinterest. :)

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