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Our mission is to inspire kids to discover the wonders of the world we share.




And our mission is tied to our beliefs and values related to early learning.

What Kids Learn


Ages 6-8


Little Passports’ kits, puzzles, and other thoughtfully developed learning experiences engage kids through exciting topics, bold visuals, and lively, hands-on content. Children explore science, history, geography, and more by building, observing, experimenting, imagining, and playing!



Along the way, our products build young learners’ awareness of other people, places, and cultures, nurturing in them a world view that’s rooted in open-mindedness, empathy, and understanding. 



Most of all, Little Passports sparks kids’ curiosity, inspiring them to seek out other opportunities for discovery and setting them on the path to becoming adventurous, enthusiastic lifelong learners!

Our Product Design Philosophy




For Kids

Our product development process is a multi dimensional process that puts your child right at the center.

Our goal is to introduce new concepts in a kid-friendly way that ties into how kids play and the various ways kids learn. For example, when they’re learning about an abstract concept like kinetic energy, they’re doing it by building a Weddel seal and learning about Antarctica. Or when they’re learning about the culture of Punjab India, they’re doing it by creating a rangoli activity and preparing an Indian-inspired meal together with a parent or loved one.








For Parents

Rest assured that we also design with parents in mind too! You’ll have peace of mind that we’ve done the homework, we’ve done the testing, and we’ve packaged up everything you need in the kit to create a joyful learning experience for your child.

About Our Team 

Our product development team is made up of a cadre of people all bringing their individual expertise to bear in developing innovative products that delight children and parents alike. 

  • Industrial Designers

    Part artists, part toy aficionado, industrial designers dream up the hands-on activities and games that bring learning concepts to life in a fun way for the age range.

  • Instructional Specialists

    We work with a variety of educators and subject-matter experts to ensure that present the most accurate and age-appropriate content.

  • Sensitivity Experts

    We help kids discover new people, places and ideas. That’s why we invite we sensitivity experts to review our content to ensure the information and tone is both culturally accurate and inclusive.

  • Kid Testers

    Ultimately, we are here to make learning fun so kids are our #1 most important collaborators, testing our products at every stage to ensure they’re user friendly, engaging and fun.

  • Parents / Parent Advocates

    Many of us are parents ourselves and we rely on our network of employee parents and families in our community to help us review and inform our product development process.