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Create your own Olympic flag with Little Passports

Summer and Winter Games Flag Craft

Contributed by Brandy Nelson

Since 1994, the Winter and Summer Games rotate every two years. (From 1924-1992, they took place in the same year. ) That pretty much means if we’re not currently watching the Games, we can be looking forward to the next Games! We’ve put together a simple felt Games rings flag craft activity that kids can use over and over again. Let them arrange the rings in order, or glue together for a festive decoration every time the Games roll around.

The Summer and Winter Games flag, with its colorful rings, is an iconic symbol.  Do you know what the colored rings represent? When the symbol was created in 1913, the 6 colors (including the white background) represented the colors of every nation’s flag!

Completed ring craft

In the flag you’ll find red, white, and blue for America and England, blue and white for Greece, red and white for Japan, and yellow and red for China, but it doesn’t end there. Pull out a flag reference with your child, and have fun finding other nations flag colors in the Games rings!

Create a Games flag of your own and then have the kids call out the countries as they recognize them while watching the Games. It’s fascinating to see how many different countries participate, and amazing that 5 simple rings on a white background represent all of them.

Supplies for olympic craft


Scissors Craft Glue Felt scraps in white, black, blue, green, red and yellow

While cutting out the rings may seem complex for little fingers, it’s actually pretty simple. Follow along!

Step 1: Use a toilet paper roll to trace and cut out the pattern for the larger circle.

Step 2: Fold each circle in half and cut out a smaller semi-circle in each one.

Step 3: Unfold the felt and reveal your perfect ring.

Step 4: Glue the rings on in order: blue, black, red on top, then yellow and green below.

Gluing on rings

Red ring for Olympic craft  

Glue on rings

What Summer or Winter Games sports are you looking forward to watching?

Olympic flag