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Polar Bear White Hot Chocolate

Can you imagine waking up to this adorable treat? Our friend Brandy shares her recipe for hot white chocolate, mixed with half and half cream, milk, and a bit of vanilla and topped with a polar bear marshmallow. It’s a fun treat to make on a chilly winter day!

Polar Bear Hot Chocolate


For the hot chocolate:

¾ cup white chocolate chips

2 cups milk

1 cup half and half

½ tsp. vanilla

pinch kosher salt

For the polar bear marshmallows:

1 giant marshmallow

1 jumbo marshmallow

1 miniature marshmallow

1 chocolate candy

2 candy eyes



Heat ingredients in a saucepan over medium heat, stirring constantly until chocolate is melted and mixture begins to steam. Heat just until hot, then serve. Add whipped cream and top with marshmallows.


To make the polar bear marshmallows:

These polar bear marshmallows come together in about a minute! Since marshmallows are sticky when you cut them open they are simple to assemble using nothing but marshmallows and a piece of chocolate candy.

polar bear marshmallow

Cut giant marshmallow in half.

Cut jumbo marshmallow into thirds. Discard top and bottom piece, leaving only the middle piece that is sticky on both sides.

Cut miniature marshmallow in half.

finished polar bear marshmallow

Place the giant marshmallow sticky side up on a flat surface.

Add the halfed jumbo marshmallow to the center, sticky side up.

Add chocolate candy nose.

Add candy eyes.

Add mini marshmallow ears, sticky side down.

Since marshmallows are sticky when cut open, everything should adhere easily!

Child holding hot chocolate
  1. On 02/18/2017 Susan said:

    Those polar bears are so cute!!

  2. On 02/26/2017 Susan said:

    Those polar bear marshmallows are so cute. I think you need to edit this post a little – where you say “discard” I think you mean “eat”, right?

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