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Space Quest Reviews!

Little Passports’s newest subscription box for kids, Space Quest, lets you expand your child’s universe through science-fueled hands-on activities, out-of-this-world posters, and hours of imaginative play. We sent sample kits to families and asked for their honest reviews, and the things they said put us absolutely over the moon.

Review from Jenny L.

“10 out of 10. It is unique, fun, and educational.”

Thank you so much for selecting us to be testers. We have purchased a variety of kits and subscription service activities for children. My daughter is 10 years old, and absolutely loves space. We have a special connection to space as my mother used to work at NASA and lived next door to Neil Armstrong.

[My daughter] was super excited to get her kit in the mail. The star poster is a work of art. I really like how the instructions are on the back of the poster. It helps save on waste and it’s different than some of the other kits where the instructions are thrown away after. As soon as she was completed, she took the poster and hung it in her room, she likes it so much. . . .

The activity itself was really great. My daughter absolutely loved making the flashlight. She had a little bit of a harder time with the planetarium and needed my help. The flashlight was definitely the hit of the pack for us. She was having all sorts of fun having the astronaut on my head, shining the rocket ship on various parts of our house in the dark. All in all this is a great kit. I would definitely purchase this, especially for science-minded kids. I do think 10-year-olds can definitely benefit from this kit, and it didn’t seem too basic or easy for her. I would give this kit a 10 out of 10. It is unique, fun, and educational.

Review from Mia Myers

“An easy, age-appropriate project for my son to assemble and use to take a deeper dive into learning about space!”

My five-and-a-half-year-old is obsessed with space. Space-themed bedroom, wants to be an astronaut when he grows up, etc. He was SO excited to get his first Space Quest box. The instructions were very easy to follow and my son was able to do most of the assembly himself. My son (and his three-and-a-half-year-old brother) absolutely loves using the mini flashlight projector to project different objects onto the walls and ceilings. . . .

We loved the additional learning information provided about galaxies and the life cycle of stars poster! A learning experience even for us as parents! All in all, an easy, age-appropriate project for my son to assemble and use to take a deeper dive into learning about space!

Review from Crystal D.

“Super fun box for any space-loving kid!”

My daughter (age 7) loved her Space Quest Glowing Galaxies box! The two projects were fairly easy to assemble. She needed some assistance building the planetarium, but was able to follow the visual instructions and build the galactic light pen by herself! She had a blast glowing the planetarium projections onto her bedroom wall and ceiling! The educational star poster was also a nice surprise. Super fun box for any space-loving kid!

Review from Joelle Bishop

“He loves learning, and Little Passports is making it fun. I couldn’t ask for much more. A great quality product, informative, and fun for the kids.”

We received our Little Passports Space Quest box and my five-year-old nephew was so excited! It was the perfect afternoon activity for us. We have talked a lot about the stars and Moon but I don’t have much more knowledge than the basics.

The kit came with an awesome poster. It was easy to read and super colorful, so it held his attention. He even asked if we could hang it near the back door so he could look at the sky and the poster at the same time. Then the best part was the activities, of course! Our kit came with two activities, which was like a bonus since I only expected one.

We built the planetarium first, and it was easy. I was able to read the directions and William was able to construct it. He needed a little bit of help, but did 90% on his own! I love that the construction of the planetarium even provided a support to build it, and we could remove it after. We were able to take it into the closet since it was daytime. At nighttime it was really cool to see in the pitch black on the ceiling. I love the tip of using a phone flash light. Super helpful.

Then we made a galactic light pen. My nephew thought it was the coolest seeing the rocket and different projections on the wall, and then he started telling stories about the picture being projected. When we were done with the projector he asked what else can we make? We went back and revisited the literature, and hung up the poster. We also continue using his planetarium and galactic pen.

I have always loved the idea of Little Passports, however, I didn’t think my nephew was old enough. Now that he is five, I think it’s the perfect time to begin our subscription. He loves learning, and Little Passports is making it fun. I couldn’t ask for much more. A great quality product, informative, and fun for the kids.

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