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World Kindness Day

Celebrate World Kindness Day

Everyone loves a little extra gesture of goodwill – even something as simple as a smile and a kind word can do a world of good. World Kindness Day is celebrated every November 13th! It’s a day dedicated to promoting good acts within communities and creating positive relationships between citizens. People can do community service, random acts of kindness or make donations to local agencies. World Kindness Day was created to make sure that we don’t forget how powerful positive acts can ripple through our community.

Where Did World Kindness Day Begin?

The day was created in 1998 by a group of nations to promote community-based projects across their countries. The concept of the day caught on worldwide, and by 2010, World Kindness Day was celebrated in India, the U.K., Italy and Singapore. As of 2016, there are more than 30 member nations that promote and celebrate World Kindness Day.

How Is It Celebrated Around the World?

The internet has allowed supporters of World Kindness Day to coordinate their efforts across the world. One universal symbol of this day is the handing out of yellow flowers to strangers. In all of the member nations, volunteers are placed throughout a community to hand out a burst of happiness, just to make someone’s day a little brighter.

How to Make Yellow Flowers

Stack 3 sheets of yellow tissue paper on top of each other. Then make a one-inch fold at the bottom. Flip the papers over and create a one-inch fold the other way. Continue until finished, which should make it look like an accordion! Fold the accordion in half, placing a pipe cleaner in the middle. Fold an inch over the papers to secure your stem. Now fan out your accordion and separate the paper to fill out your flower.

How Can You Celebrate This Day in Your Community?

Since the day was created to recognize good deeds within a community, start by asking what you can do to make where you live a better place. Are there old clothes in your closet that could be donated to a community closet? Can you buy food for a local food pantry, or work the food service at a homeless shelter? Or can you pay a sincere compliment to a neighbor, friend or stranger that will make their day brighter?

No matter how you decide to celebrate World Kindness Day, know that you are acknowledging that you can make a difference in your communities., one gracious act at a time.