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Spring Daisies in Grass

March Equinox Welcomes Spring

March Equinox is here! Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 20th, marks a changing of seasons. At 5:14am Universal Time the sun will shine directly over the earth’s equator. How do you translate Universal Time to match your little corner of the world? Click over to for simple conversion instructions.

Here’s a short summary for all of you in the US:
Hawaii Time — 7:14pm Tonight
West Coast Time — 10:14pm Tonight
East Coast Time — 1:14am Tuesday, the 20th

For those of us living on Earth’s northern half, this celestial event welcomes Spring! Our friends in the southern hemisphere meet autumn.

In Japan, the March Equinox, also called the Vernal Equinox, is a national holiday. People spend the day with their families and visit the graves of loved ones. However you might celebrate, we wish you a very happy  new season!

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