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6 Cool Science Experiments and Activities for Kids

6 Cool Science Experiments and Activities for Kids
How to make an eggshell disappear cool and weird science experiment

Make an Eggshell Disappear Experiment

This fun and easy kitchen experiment using just vinegar dissolves eggshells and teaches kids about permeable membranes and liquid density. Kids love this experiment because it's extra wiggly and weird!

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Making Magnetic Putty cool science experiment for kids

How to Make Magnetic Putty

Easily make putty that moves at your command, while the kids learn about how magnets attract particles of iron. This super cool experiment for kids at home is fun and easy, but unless you happen to have powdered iron lying around, you will probably have to order some (inexpensive) supplies. We've included links for exactly where to buy so you can get started.

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Dancing raisins cool experiments for kids about carbonation

Dancing Raisins

Everyone knows raisins can’t dance. Or can they? Try this fun and easy experiment to find out how carbonation can give these little raisins a pep in their step. Then turn on some music and have a dance party to see if you can get them to rise and fall with the beat!

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Rainbow science cool experiment

The Science of Rainbows

Light is made up of a spectrum of wavelengths, each with a different color. It’s easy and fun to separate them and create a rainbow using a few easy-to-find materials that you already have around the house.

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Musical jars the science of sound cool science experiment

Musical Jars and the Science of Sound

Our everyday world is full of sounds. But have you ever stopped to think about what sound actually is? Sound waves travel pretty quickly, but sound can only travel to our ears if it has something to travel through, such as air, water, or other materials. Experiment with sound by making it travel through water in your own musical jars.

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A bag that doesn't leak cool science experiment for kids

How to Make A Leak-Proof Bag

Is it a trick? No, it's science! If you have a zipper-lock bag and some pencils, then you can wow your kids with the science of polymers—and send them out to wow the neighborhood kids and teach them a thing or two by making a leak-proof bag!

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