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Dino Pals Backpack

Recommended Ages 3 - 5

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18 x 24 Wall-sized poster with dino & fossil facts!

Take your dinosaur pals on an adventure in our Dino Pals Backpack!

$24.95 USD

Preschoolers love this 11” backpack, with four removable dinosaur plush toys. The Dino Backpack includes four pockets for easy access to your new pals T-rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus and Brachiosaurus. An 18” x 24” wall poster is included, featuring more dinosaur illustrations and fun facts about where the fossils are found all over the world!

Recommended Ages 3 - 5


  • 11” Backpack
  • 4 plush dinosaur pals
  • 18” w x 24” h wall-sized poster
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