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New York Activity Booklet

Recommended Ages 7 +

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Explore the state of New York with fun facts, puzzles and activities!

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Kids will love exploring the state of New York with this fully illustrated 16-page activity booklet. Includes a Niagara Falls boat craft, NY-style pizza recipe, timeline of important events and more.

The New York State Journal includes:

  • Map skills activity with bustling Brooklyn streets
  • 3D yellow taxicab puzzle
  • Connect-the-dots activity to find New York's state animal
  • Leaf pattern sketching activity based on Central Park
  • Three static electricity science experiments from NY scientist Joseph Henry
  • Photography activity to capture your New York memories

And so much more!

Recommended Ages 7 +

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More about the New York Activity Booklet

The Empire State of New York has so much to offer grade school students starting their state research projects. From the bustling city lights of New York City to the amazing Niagara Falls, students in 3rd grade, 4th grade and 5th grade can use our New York Activity Booklet to learn about New York for their state research project. There are tons of fun facts about New York to learn, and your child will receive great ideas for their grade school curriculum about how to complete their state research project. 3rd grade state report students will find puzzles and fun facts. 4th grade state report students will find a timeline of historical events about New York, and 5th grade state report students will enjoy all the ideas on how to start their state project.