Ages 7 +

Florida Activity Booklet

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Ages 7 +

Florida Activity Booklet

Explore the state of Florida with fun facts, puzzles and activities!

$9.95 + Free Shipping
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  • Ages 7+
  • Young readers
  • Geography fans
  • History buffs
  • Hands-on crafts and recipes

Kids will love exploring the state of Florida with this fully illustrated 16-page activity booklet. Includes a look at NASA’s rockets launched from Cape Canaveral, an Everglades activity, a tour of Florida’s beaches and more.

Made in USA

  • A deep sea fish identification and matching game
  • Delicious Cuban sandwich recipe
  • Beginning Spanish tutorial and translation key
  • Connect-the-dots manatee activity
  • Seminole Native American basket weaving craft

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Answer: We recommend the Florida Activity Book for children ages 7+.



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