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France Activities for Kids

Learn About France!

Show your child the world with Little Passports, the award-winning subscription for kids. Monthly packages arrive in the mail, each highlighting a new country like France or Brazil. Kids follow the journey on the wall-sized World Map, and enjoy learning through letters, souvenirs, stickers, activities & more.

The France country kit includes fun France projects and activities for kids. View famous French landmarks in a camera viewer, and learn to make a delicious Galette des Rois! Our products inspire a life-long interest in travel, language and world cultures. It's the perfect gift for 6-10 year olds.

France Fun Facts!


The Eiffel Tower was completed in 1889.


France is the most visited country in the world.


France is famous for its food, such as long “sticks” of bread called baguettes.

Art Activity – Learn About Pointillism

Georges Seurat was a French artist famous for creating a painting technique called pointillism. Instead of painting in brush strokes, he painted in series of tiny dots. Learn more on our blog, and try our pointy painting activity!.

Creative Lunches for Kids with a French Twist!

Wendy Copley is one creative mom! With Little Passports as her inspiration, she has created a French-themed spread that’s easy to recreate for YOUR explorer! Learn how on our blog.


My son looks forward to the adventure in our mailbox each month!

Adrian, mom of 10-year-old-son

An adventure every month

I was very impressed with all of the details and great activities provided.

Lisa, mom of 6-year-old-son

Great activities with detail
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