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Founded in 2009 by two moms with a passion for global citizenship, Little Passports has shipped millions of educational packages that help inspire kids to learn about their world. See what the press and our customers are saying below!

Exciting, Fun & Unique

Little Passports is your child’s ticket to an exciting global adventure. Inspire a love and understanding of the world as your child learns about a country’s geography, history, culture, and language in a fun and memorable way.

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With everything from maps, suitcase stickers, and destination-specific activity sheets and souvenirs to their very own “passport,” these educational and fun kits will keep kids interested in exploring well beyond their own backyards.

Meet the Bay Area’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies of 2017 
Little Passports has debuted at No. 609 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in America and has also been named the 35th fastest growing consumer products company.
Little Passports Founders Overcame Major Challenges to Reach Success
Stella Ma and Amy Norman were friends first. Best friends. And it was their shared love of cultural exploration that inspired them to create the kid-friendly subscription box Little Passports in 2009.
KTLA 2016
KTLA hosts Amy Norman and Stella Ma, the founders of Little Passports.
Best travel gadgets and gear for families
If you’d like to help instill a love of travel in your children and deepen their understanding of cultures around the world, consider subscribing to the ingenious Little Passports program. The welcome package includes a miniature suitcase, passport, activities and a map of the world.
24 Subscription Boxes the do Nothing to Help You Get Out More 
Introduce little ones to the wonders of the world with Little Passports.
The Global 10 — For Americans Who Want to Get Globally Smart, Fast…
My three and a half year old loves it and has learned so much from this that she gets excited when her new “passport” arrives in the mailbox and we can explore a part of the world together.
How Little Passports Launched Without Raising Capital
Securing venture capital seemed like the only way to go for the founders of a monthly subscription company for kids called Little Passports. These best friends thought their idea had legs, but couldn’t get funding, so they made it work – here is their story.
Holiday Gifts for Every Generation
Generation Z ,the youngest generation (children and young teens) are practical and realistic. They’ve never known a time without the internet, they’ve seen their parents weather a shaky economy and they grasp that understanding the world will matter in their global futures. Little Passports is great gift for these youngest Americans.
Washington Post Holiday Travel Guide
Give your kids the taste of travel to look forward to every four weeks with Little Passports. The U.S. edition of the subscription-based service starts out with a discovery kit that includes a field guide, a wall map, a disposable camera and more.
In this CNET holiday gift guide, reporter Sumi Das highlights Little Passports subscriptions as a smart gift for kids under 12.
Our annual ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in America.
Little Passports is honored to be named one of the top 50 fastest growing consumer companies by Inc5000!
Turning kids into global citizens
Big things come in small packages for Little Passports, a San Francisco subscription company that sends children tiny suitcases filled with geography, activities and more.
Fodor’s Holiday Gift Guide: Kids
Getting mail is always a fun event for kids, and when that mail is an adventure package from Little Passports, the excitement factor can register off the charts.
Great Ideas! 7 Fun Ways to Introduce Your Kids to Geography
Most families don’t have the funds to fly the whole brood across the globe, let alone the whole country. But that doesn’t mean your children shouldn’t learn about who and what’s out there.
Little Passports Inspires Newbie World Travelers
Little Passports promises to turn your toddlers into international pen pals. Here’s how it works: your kids get real, actual, non-virtual mail every month from Sam and Sofia, two characters who travel around the globe embarking on various adventures.
Ok! Loves: Little Passports
My oldest son has inherited my love of mail so the kid was over the moon when he received his very first package from Little Passports, a subscription-based service starring fictional pals Sam and Sofia, tweens who have uncovered a magic scooter to take them on domestic and global adventures.
Launching the Company Little Passports With Very Little Cash
Securing venture capital seemed like the only way to go for the founders of a monthly subscription company for kids called Little Passports. These best friends thought their idea had legs.
Little Passports Inspires Kids to Learn
Up the street from the San Francisco Passport Agency is Little Passports, an agency that never has a line. Aspiring young travelers just have to register online at, and they will receive by mail everything they need for global adventure.
Give a Box of Fun: Five Subscription Kits for Kids
Little Passports is a geography-based adventure kit. There’s a World version and a new USA edition. Both versions have a narrative storyline; each month you’re following characters Sam and Sofia on their travels around the world or across the United States.
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Good Day Chicago
She decided to leave her corporate job to launch a children’s subscription company to help kids explore the world – co-founder Amy Norman is interviewed for Good Day Chicago.