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Ages 4 - 6

Animals Wild 3-Pack

$69 + Free Shipping
Ages 4 - 6

Animals Wild 3-Pack

Play with and learn about Earth’s most fascinating and unusual animals through hands-on playsets, laugh-out-loud games, and fun facts and activities.

$69 + Free Shipping
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  • Unfold 3 adventure-filled playsets packed with lift-the-flap facts and fun activities about fascinating, unusual animals
  • Play creative, hands-on games that show you the animal world
  • Build a collection of 3-D pop-out animal friends that work across playsets
  • Get a head start on learning about animals and habitats
  • Meet wild, memorable creatures that open up a world of animal wonders

Journey around the world to explore the habitats of Earth’s most fascinating creatures! Every kit includes a pop-up playset with lift-the-flap panels, interactive pop-out animals, a hands-on game with assembly and play instructions, and activities and fun facts printed right on the playset.

This 3-pack includes:

Amok in the Amazon
Discover the Amazon with a beautiful, fact-packed pop-up playset exploring the layers of the rainforest. Then have a blast launching illustrated animal disks into the branches of a giant kapok tree while playing Rainforest Romp.

Stomp the Serengeti
Journey through 24 hours in the Serengeti ecosystem on a beautiful, fact-packed pop-up playset showing the plains at dawn, day, dusk, and dark. Then dig into manageably messy fun with Serengeti Stampede, a stamping game in which players wear a foam animal-print stamp and race down a gameboard to the watering hole, then wipe the board clean and play again!

Plunge into the Pacific!
Plunge into the depths of the Mariana Trench with a beautiful, fact-packed pop-up playset taking you through the water column from the sunlight zone to the abyss. Then laugh your way through Deep Dive, a drop-the-coin peg game where lionfish tokens dodge sea turtle, hammerhead shark, and giant squid spinners on a journey to the bottom of the sea.

WARNING: Choking Hazard – Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
  • Amok in the Amazon Kit
  • Stomp the Serengeti Kit
  • Plunge into the Pacific! Kit

Question: Is this package(s) the same as the one featured in the subscription?

Answer: Yes, the Animals Wild 3-Pack overlaps with kits featured in our Animals Wild Edition. If you have an active Animals Wild subscription or have had an Animals Wild subscription, please reach out to our Customer Care Team at . 



Question: Is there a way to continue and receive new packages?

Answer: Yes! Please contact our Customer Care Team at and they will be happy to provide you with instructions on how to purchase a continuation subscription.



Question:  What is the recommended age for this product?

Answer: We recommend the Animals Wild 3-Pack for children ages 4-6.



Question: How soon will my package ship?

Answer: We ship the package within 2 business days of receiving the order. We will send you a shipping confirmation email when your package ships.