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Make Exploding Moon Rocks

Learn about how baking soda and vinegar react when making tactile moon dough.

Dandelion Painting Craft Activity

Print out this fun dandelion painting activity and celebrate spring with an art project!
Bulgaria dolls

Wear Red and White Martenitsi to Usher In Spring Bulgarian Style

It may be up to a groundhog to predict spring in the USA, but in...
boy reading under a tree

9 Children’s Books to Welcome Spring

Celebrate the arrival of spring by reading a few good books about plants and gardens.
Women who were first in their field

10 Women Who Did It First

From computer programming to politics, these women broke barriers and took risks to be the first in their field.
ice cube on a string experiment

Ice Cube on a String Experiment

Do you live in an area that gets really cold in the winter? If you do, then you may have seen large trucks driving down the icy roads sprinkling salt over the ice. See why it works by conducting this experiment!
Storm Hero

Make a Snowstorm in a Jar

Whether the temperature outside is plummeting or you just want to bring a bit of winter fun to a summer day, your snowstorm in a jar is a foolproof way to get kids interested in science.

Winter Traditions Around the World

While some people dread the long, cold months, there are many cultures that celebrate the changing climate with ceremonies and activities. Here are two cultures that highlight winter's wonderful splendor.
Australia Cricket Team

Boxing Day Traditions Around the World

Boxing Day is celebrated around the world as a time to give back. There are also many fun festivities and events that accompany this international holiday.
Straw paper ornament

DIY Paper Straw Ornament

  Christmas trees are such a big part of this festive season that it doesn’t...

Celebrate the Holidays with a Santa Cone Craft!

One of most beloved figures of the holiday season is Santa Claus. Click to learn about Santa Claus around the world and how to make a cute Santa Cone Craft!
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