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Ages 6+

Sam & Sofia's Scooter Stories (China, Argentina, England)

$14.99 + Free Shipping
Ages 6+

Sam & Sofia's Scooter Stories (China, Argentina, England)

Race a dragon boat in China, dig for dinosaurs in Argentina, and explore English knighthood and falconry with this globetrotting book set!

$14.99 + Free Shipping
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  • Ages 6+
  • Exploring paleontology, falconry, and world travel
  • Kids who love mystery and adventure
  • Encouraging imagination and a love of reading
  • Discovering the wonders of China, Argentina, and England

Join best friends Sam and Sofia on thrilling adventures to China, Argentina, and England in this three-book set. Help a pen pal win a dragon boat race in Awakening the Dragon. Search for fossils in World of Dinosaurs. And master medieval England’s traditions in Knights and Falcons.

Each story whisks Sam and Sofia to a new destination on their magic scooter, where they make friends, solve problems, and discover the wonders of the world we share. Whiz…Zoom…Foop!

Want to see more of Sam and Sofia’s travels? Continue the adventure with our World Edition subscription box!

  • Sam & Sofia’s Scooter Stories: Awakening the Dragon
  • Sam & Sofia’s Scooter Stories: World of Dinosaurs
  • Sam & Sofia’s Scooter Stories: Knights and Falcons

Question: What is the recommended age for this product?

Answer: The recommended age for this product is 6+ . 



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