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Ages 6+

Sam & Sofia's Scooter Stories Boxed Set 4, Books 10-12

$14.99 + Free Shipping
Ages 6+

Sam & Sofia's Scooter Stories Boxed Set 4, Books 10-12

Race a dragon boat in China, dig for dinosaurs in Argentina, and explore English knighthood and falconry with this globetrotting book set!

$14.99 + Free Shipping
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  • Ages 6+
  • Exploring paleontology, falconry, and world travel
  • Kids who love mystery and adventure
  • Encouraging imagination and a love of reading
  • Discovering the wonders of China, Argentina, and England

Join best friends Sam and Sofia on thrilling adventures to China, Argentina, and England in this three-book set. Help a pen pal win a dragon boat race in Awakening the Dragon. Search for fossils in World of Dinosaurs. And master medieval England’s traditions in Knights and Falcons.

Each story whisks Sam and Sofia to a new destination on their magic scooter, where they make friends, solve problems, and discover the wonders of the world we share. Whiz…Zoom…Foop!

  • Sam & Sofia’s Scooter Stories: Awakening the Dragon
  • Sam & Sofia’s Scooter Stories: World of Dinosaurs
  • Sam & Sofia’s Scooter Stories: Knights and Falcons

Question: What is the recommended age for this product?

Answer: The recommended age for this product is 6+ . 



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