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Ages 8+

STEM Discovery 3-Pack

$84.95 + Free Shipping
Ages 8+

STEM Discovery 3-Pack

These three fun, hands-on experiments give kids a head start by developing a lifelong interest in science, technology, engineering, and math.

$84.95 + Free Shipping
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Great For

  • Developing a love of science
  • Igniting a lifestyle of exploration
  • Hands-on experiments and projects
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Hours of discovery and fun!

Ignite a love of science with these three STEM kits. You’ll solve forensic mysteries, build a marble run, and construct a pinball machine! All three kits follow the scientific adventures of Sam and Sofia and make learning dynamic and fun. Jam-packed with interesting information and fun activities, these science activities encourage kids to investigate the world around them.

* Please note when purchasing this pack and our Science Expeditions subscription line you may be enjoying the same package twice as this package overlaps.

* Packaging may vary.

WARNING: Choking Hazard – Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
  • Create + Play: DNA Lab: Discover how every living thing (including you!) is made up of cells containing a unique fingerprint while you solve a real-world mystery. Extract DNA from a strawberry, collect, magnify, and examine fingerprints, and uncover how Forensic Scientists use spatters, smears, and spills as clues at a crime scene.
  • Create + Play: Pinball Machine: What better way to learn about physics, engineering, and geometry than by playing pinball? After constructing your own pinball machine from scratch, the fun and learning will never stop; your new understanding of physics, engineering, and geometry will ricochet around your brain every time you play!
  • Create + Play: Marble Run: Become an expert on roller coaster design and what makes them function well. With the knowledge of roller coaster physics, you’ll set out to build your very own marble run!

Question: Is this package(s) the same as the one featured in the subscription?

Answer: Yes, the STEM Discovery 3-Pack overlaps with kits featured in our Science Expeditions Edition. If you have an active Science Expeditions subscription or have had a Science Expeditions subscription, please reach out to our Customer Care Team at



Question: Is there a way to continue and receive new packages?

Answer: Yes! Please contact our Customer Care Team at and they will be happy to provide you with instructions on how to purchase a continuation subscription.



Question: What is the recommended age for this product?

Answer:  We recommend the STEM Discovery 3-Pack for children ages 8+.



Question: How soon will my package ship?

Answer: We ship the package within 2 business days of receiving the order. We will send you a shipping confirmation email when your package ships.