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Ages 9+

STEM Heart & Lungs Kit

Discover how your beatin’ heart and & pumpin’ lungs work together to keep you breathing, thinking, moving - living!


With this hands-on science kit you’ll make working models and uncover the hidden “highways” that carry life-giving blood throughout your body. Science comes to life as you explore how your lungs expand and contract as you breathe and the pathways your blood takes as it flows through your heart. Includes materials and easy to follow, step-by-step illustrated instructions.

  • 16-page comic book with glossary and bonus activities
  • Materials and step-by-step illustrated instructions
  • Booklet with more fun games and activities
  • Heart & Lungs achievement badge

Made in China

*Please note when purchasing this pack and our Science Expeditions subscription line you may be enjoying the same package twice as this package overlaps.