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Ages 3 +

Surprise in the Sand Picture Book

$12.99 + Free Shipping
Ages 3 +

Surprise in the Sand Picture Book

Solve a mystery in Egypt with this adventurous picture book for young world explorers!

$12.99 + Free Shipping
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Great For

  • Ages 3 +
  • Introducing world travel and archaeology
  • Kids who love mysteries and new places
  • Encouraging imagination and exploration
  • Discovering the wonders of Egypt

Uh-oh! Someone’s lost a sandal in Egypt, and it’s up to intrepid world travelers Max, Mia, and Toby to find out who. Join them and friend Zahra on a trip through Egypt’s modern and ancient wonders as they unravel the mystery of the surprise in the sand.

The tale begins with a postcard and a trip down a magic playground slide, then winds through Cairo, the Nile River, and the pyramids of Giza before coming home again. Take a trek in the desert and explore the wonders of the world we share!

  • 1 32-page softcover picture book
  • Each bright, fun illustration guides kids on an adventure through Egypt

Question: What is the recommended age for this product?

Answer: The recommended age for this product is 3+.



Question: How soon will my package ship?

Answer: We ship the package within 2 business days of receiving the order. We will send you a shipping confirmation email when your package ships.