Prevent Summer Learning Loss with Science Activities

Looking for fun summer activities to prevent learning loss? Check out these 5 science experiments you can do at home.

6 Geography Games to Make Learning Fun

From hidden Google Earth gems to planning imaginary vacations, here are 6 great ways to get kids learning geography.

The Importance of STEM Learning

Bring STEM into children's lives to solve problems: like how do I build the perfect LEGO castle?

Blast off to World Space Week!

World Space Week is the perfect opportunity for you and your budding Neil Armstrong to celebrate with activities that are truly out of this world.

How to Make Elephant Toothpaste

The best science experiments are the simplest—the ones where the kids get their hands dirty...

Blow Up a Balloon with Soda Pop

Let’s learn how much air is in a bottle of soda pop! This carbonation experiment for...

5 Ways to Invite the World Into Your Home This School Year

Contributed by Jamie C. Martin We asked our friend and author of, “Give Your Child...
Kids in Backpacks

9 Incredible Schools from Around the World

Too cool for school? Think again! These schools from around the world inspire creativity with their unique architecture and design. With classrooms that float to ones built inside a giant cat, these schools deserve an A+ in ingenuity.
Tokay Gecko

Explore the Lizards of Asia on World Lizard Day

In celebration of World Lizard Day, Little Passports took a trip through Asia to explore the unique wriggly reptiles that call the continent their home.
Back to School Shopping Guide

Back to School Shopping Guide

Get back in the groove by checking out these Little Passports products that add hands-on, imaginative play to the classroom.
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