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Girls Day Hinamatsuri

Celebrating Daughters on Hinamatsuri, Girl’s Day in Japan

Hinamatsuri, or Girl’s Day in Japan, is a festival celebrated on March 3rd every year that wishes for the health and happiness of our daughters. Traditionally, families display special dolls in their home in an elaborate and beautiful way. They also must put the dolls away on March 4, or according to legend, the house will experience overall bad luck.

It is also a lovely confirmation and celebration of the generational ties between women. The doll displays, called hina ningyo, are often passed down in each family for many generations from mothers to daughters.

We encourage you to find a young lady to celebrate Girl’s Day in Japan with and make these delightful little doll boxes. We made them black and white, but you can use any colors you like!

Instructions: Doll Box Craft

Step 1. Print out this box template and cut out the diamond shape. Lay your template over a sheet of black paper. Trace around the shape and cut it out including the 2 slits on each side.
Step 2. To make your doll’s face, get out a piece of white paper. Trace the shape of the leaf of the template – one of the sides without a slit-  onto the paper. Cut out the shape.

Step 3. Draw a face on the white shape. Tape or glue your doll’s face onto the outside of the matching side, and fold all sides up to make the box shape.

Step 4. Place both the right side and left side of the template over the “bun” using the slit on each side. We also found it helpful to tape the bun together beforehand!


Step 5. You’re done! You can put a small treat or piece of candy inside your box if you like.