Math and Science Bento Box

Start the new school year off right with a fun lunch that encourages your child's love of math and science!
Kid holding the world

These Kids Are Changing the World

Extraordinary discoveries and exciting inventions happen every day – and not all of them are made by grown-ups. Meet four kids who are making a global impact with their ideas.
Solar Eclipse view

Witness an Amazing Eclipse on August 21

If you’re in the United States this August, you’ll have an opportunity to see something wonderful – a solar eclipse!

Solar Oven S’mores

Put the summer sun's heat to good use and make s'mores in a solar oven!

Prevent Summer Learning Loss with Science Activities

Looking for fun summer activities to prevent learning loss? Check out these 5 science experiments you can do at home.

Meteorology Science Fair Project: Create Your Own Weather Center

Learn how scientists predict the weather while you create your own barometer, thermometer and weather vane with this DIY tutorial for grades 4-6.

Psychology Science Fair Project: Do People Remember Better in Color?

Do people remember better in color? This psychology experiment tests whether people recall details better when color is involved, for grades 5-6.

Green Thumb Science Fair Project: pH of Soil

Discover how the pH of soil affects plants in this springtime botany experiment, perfect for budding scientists in grades 6-7.

A NASA-Inspired Science Fair Photography Project

Explore the scientific contribution of cameras with this fun photography project inspired by NASA. Great for grades 7-9.

Grow Your Own Beanstalk!

Grow a beanstalk and learn about nurturing a seedling in this easy tutorial. You'll have a great bean seedling to plant in your garden!
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