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Sugar Water Density Experiment

What happens when you combine blue, green, yellow and red water in a single glass? Brown, right? Not necessarily! By dissolving different amounts of sugar in each glass of water, you change the densities, allowing the colors to stack like a rainbow!

Rock Candy Recipe

What’s sweet, brightly colored and teaches kids about science? Rock candy! The repeating pattern of...

Forensic Science Video: A Very Berry DNA Extraction

Explore the world of science! Watch below for a sneak peek at how to perform...

Reviews for Science Expeditions Are In!

Check out a few of the reviews that have come in from bloggers and from our launch party below — see for yourself what people are saying about Science Expeditions.

Musical Jars and the Science of Sound

Our everyday world is full of sounds. But have you ever stopped to think about what sound actually is?
weather lab

Make a Volcano, a Tornado, and DIY Snow With Our Weather Lab

Learn about three awesome natural phenomena with our Weather Lab kit! Kiddos can play with...

Blast off to World Space Week!

World Space Week is the perfect opportunity for you and your budding Neil Armstrong to celebrate with activities that are truly out of this world.
Scientific Butter

Make Your Own Scientific Butter!

What is scientific butter, you may ask? It’s butter that you made while learning about science! Try this fun project with your kids.
Dancing Raisins 3

Dancing Raisins

Everyone knows raisins can’t dance. Or… can they? Try this fun and easy experiment to find out.
DIY invisible ink

DIY Invisible Ink Craft & Experiment

Invisible ink invites discovery. Secret messages are great for treasure hunts and playing detective and making your own DIY invisible ink is easy!
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