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Keep Learning All Summer Long!
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Solar Oven S’mores

Put the summer sun's heat to good use and make s'mores in a solar oven!

Prevent Summer Learning Loss with Science Activities

Looking for fun summer activities to prevent learning loss? Check out these 5 science experiments you can do at home.

Meteorology Science Fair Project: Create Your Own Weather Center

Learn how scientists predict the weather while you create your own barometer, thermometer and weather vane with this DIY tutorial for grades 4-6.

Psychology Science Fair Project: Do People Remember Better in Color?

Do people remember better in color? This psychology experiment tests whether people recall details better when color is involved, for grades 5-6.

Green Thumb Science Fair Project: pH of Soil

Discover how the pH of soil affects plants in this springtime botany experiment, perfect for budding scientists in grades 6-7.

A NASA-Inspired Science Fair Photography Project

Explore the scientific contribution of cameras with this fun photography project inspired by NASA. Great for grades 7-9.

Grow Your Own Beanstalk!

Grow a beanstalk and learn about nurturing a seedling in this easy tutorial. You'll have a great bean seedling to plant in your garden!
Water wheel

Science Fair Experiment: Create Hydropower Energy

Make your own water wheel hydropower with this tutorial. Perfect for grades 4-6.

Science Fair Experiment: Grow Bacteria

Growing bacteria for the science fair is an excellent experiment for any 4th-grade class or higher studying biological science or microbiology.
Sprouts in cups

Science Fair Experiment: What Makes the Best Plant Fertilizer?

This science fair project explores basic botany, the life cycle of plants and their nutritional needs. Best suited for grades 3-5.
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