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World Holidays

Australia Cricket Team

Boxing Day Traditions Around the World

Boxing Day is celebrated around the world as a time to give back. There are also many fun festivities and events that accompany this international holiday.
Straw paper ornament

DIY Paper Straw Ornament

  Christmas trees are such a big part of this festive season that it doesn’t...

Celebrate the Holidays with a Santa Cone Craft!

One of most beloved figures of the holiday season is Santa Claus. Click to learn about Santa Claus around the world and how to make a cute Santa Cone Craft!
Japan Christmas Cake

Japanese Christmas Traditions: Make Sponge Cake!

On Christmas Eve, the Japanese serve a delicious sponge cake topped with strawberries! Learn how to make the special dessert!
Toffee Wrapped

Celebrating Christmas in Wales: Making Taffy!

The Welsh have a sweet tooth during the holidays! Learn about Noson Gyflaith--toffee evening--and learn how to make the tasty treat with your family.
Mexico Pinata

Mexican Christmas Traditions: Las Posadas

Feliz Navidad from Mexico! Las Posadas is an important Mexican tradition during the holidays - complete with prayer, music, food, and piñatas.
Rice Pudding

Norway Christmas Traditions: Make Rice Porridge!

In Norway, the main celebration takes place on Christmas Eve. On this day, almost every Norwegian eats rice porridge. Learn how to make it!

Christmas Traditions in Ukraine: Holy Supper!

Ukrainians celebrate Christmas on January 7th and enjoy the Sviaty Vechir, or Holy Supper, on January 6th. Learn about this tradition!
south african christmas braai

South African Christmas Traditions: Braai!

December falls during the summertime in South Africa. To celebrate the holidays, South Africans have a delicious outdoor braai, or barbeque!

UK Christmas Tradition: Make Plum Pudding!

Many British families eat Christmas plum pudding, a delicious tradition, at the end of Christmas dinner. Learn a delicious recipe!
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