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Enjoy a Fun-Filled Day with 10 Non-Screen Activities for Kids

First, let’s acknowledge that some screen time (like right now, as you’re reading this!) can be relaxing after a long day. Snuggling on the couch with your children and watching a movie is a great way to spend an evening. And there are many excellent learning resources on TV or online. 

But did you know the average child in the U.S. spends 4–6 hours a day looking at a screen? That’s often too much—the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend a healthy mix of habits, including a lot of physical activity. Sometimes, it’s good for kids (and adults) to choose interesting screen-free activities over phones, tablets, laptops, or the remote control. 

Screen-Free Fun

Screenless playing ideas such as craft projects, backyard obstacle courses, or imaginative games are great ways for kids to engage in physical activities, use their creativity, and interact with others.

Check out our list of 10 amazing non-screen craft activities for kids, gather materials around your house, and you’ll be ready to get rolling! 

A family painting while seated on the floor together

10 Entertaining Non-Screen Activities Your Kids Will Enjoy

We’ve spent years creating fun, educational non-screen activities. Here are ten of our favorites to help get your kids active. Try them at home, and share them with your community, friends, family, and neighbors!

1. Upcycle DIY: Toby’s Doghouse 

Wondering whether you should throw old boxes in the recycle bin or upcycle them? Pick the latter, because we’ve created an upcycled DIY doghouse activity! Follow the steps to turn a cardboard box into the perfect home for Toby or any of your child’s stuffed animals. 

Alternatively, if you have toddlers, you can build a cardboard playhouse together out of a large box. Add a little window so you can check on your kids, and decorate the interior with fairy lights. Put something comfy to sit on inside, and their special personal space is ready!    

2. Galaxy in a Bottle

This out-of-this-world sensory craft is beautiful and mess-free. All you need are five supplies easily found around the house. Blast off for instant fun! 

3. Fluffy Slime

What kid doesn’t love slime? Hands-on DIY experiments like this one encourage kids to learn more about the world of science, and they’re also exciting. Check out this super easy three-ingredient recipe!

4. Northern Lights Activity

This fantastic craft is a favorite for little globetrotters, who can practice their artistic skills while learning about Alaska and the Northern Lights!

5. Dyed Carnations Science Experiment

Have your kids ever wondered what happens after the soil soaks up the liquid when you water plants? This experiment helps you find out. By following a simple set of instructions, kids will see how a flower “drinks” up water. We like this activity because of its beautiful, fascinating results.

6. Insect Clothespin DIY Craft

Did you know we live alongside 900,000 insect species? This craft helps teach your kids about insects using a clothespin and other art materials.

7. Tissue Paper Globe

It’s easy for kids to make their own DIY tissue paper globes with this four-step craft. And when it’s done, they can mark the places they’ve visited with Little Passports!

8. Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils

Dinosaur fans will love preserving the shapes of their prehistoric favorites in easy-to-make salt play dough. Between mixing the dough, baking the “fossils,” and playing with the dinosaurs, this activity makes for hours of entertainment.

9. DIY Origami Desk Organizer

If you have a crafty kid with a messy desk, this origami activity might be the trick to keeping things tidy. Your child can practice their paper-folding skills and create a practical piece of art to display in their room.

10. DIY Ceramic Planters

This craft is perfect for kids who love to roll up their sleeves and get hands-on. With just a ball of clay (plus a few tools you likely have lying around), your kids can make a cute planter for your home or a gift for the plant lover in their lives.

A boy and his father opening a package

Enjoy Memorable Moments with Us

If you want more screen-free activities delivered to your door, a subscription box from Little Passports is the perfect gift for your kids. We offer a variety of award-winning subscriptions that bring science, world cultures, food, and more to your home every month. Here are some excellent ones to try!

  • Early Explorers: Bring the world to your living room with this subscription box for kids ages 3–5. Your little ones will learn about the world’s animals, music and art, and more through fun activities, stories, and souvenirs. 
  • Animals Wild: Animal lovers ages 3–5 will go “wild” for this box, which takes them to a new part of the world each month. Young kids can discover over 100 of the most fascinating animals on the planet through hands-on playsets, games, and activities for the whole family. 
  • Science Junior: Spark your kids’ curiosity and foster a love of science with this subscription box for kids ages 5–8. Through simple experiments and activities, your young scientists will explore the world through rockets, robots, coral reefs, and more. 
  • World Edition: With this award-winning subscription, kids ages 6–10 can travel the globe from the comfort of their living room. Every month, they’ll receive recipes, activity kits, stories, and souvenirs that will open up a world of different countries and cultures.
  • Kitchen Adventures: Budding chefs ages 7 and up can cook, play, and learn practical kitchen skills as they whip up delicious global recipes from America’s Test Kitchen Kids in this subscription. They’ll also learn about a new country each month and make hands-on activities including games and art projects.
  • Science Expeditions: Explore a new scientific topic monthly with special experiments designed for kids ages 8 and up. They’ll solve mysteries, build machines, and explore subjects including forensics, solar power, and astronomy.  

These subscription boxes are sure to deliver hours of screen-free fun—and if you want to start playing right away, check out crafts such as our constellation jar or tie-dye bucket hats on the Little Passports blog!