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Rock Candy Recipe

The repeating pattern of sucrose molecules make up the cube-like crystals we know as sugar....
Diwali Plated Gajar

Celebrate Diwali with a Delicious Gajar Halwa Recipe

Guest Post by Prerna of Indian Simmer For many of us who celebrate the festival, the word...
Pumpkin Pie Donuts

Pumpkin Pie Donut Recipe

Learn how to make donuts that taste like pumpkin pie!
Scientific Butter

Make Your Own Scientific Butter!

What is scientific butter, you may ask? It’s butter that you made while learning about science! Try this fun project with your kids.
Peppermint smell test

Does Smell Affect Taste?

Here is fun (and tasty) experiment to try to see what factors affect your sense of taste!
Grilled corn salad in a bowl

Grilled Corn Salad Recipe for Father’s Day!

It’s almost time to celebrate Dad! Show how much you love him this Father’s Day...
Crystal geode craft

Edible Science Experiment for Kids!

Contributed by Amanda Shaw Make Your Own Edible Geode! Kids are natural scientists. From babyhood,...
Chocolate egg truffle

Make Decadent Chocolate Easter Eggs

Contributed by Brandy Nelson When we lived in Columbus, Ohio, there was a fudge shop...
St. Patrick’s Day bento box

St. Patrick’s Day Bento Box for Kids!

Contributed by Wendy Copley.  Celebrate the luckiest day of the year by making a fun...
Mississippi mud pie

Mississippi Mud Pie

Round up the kiddos to make a delicious Mississippi mud pie! The history of this...
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