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Get a Year of Learning & Exploration!
Save $20 on any 12 Month Plan - CODE: EXPLORE

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Ooey Gooey Pumpkin Slime

What's sticky, slimy, and entertains kids for hours? SLIME! If you're headed to the pumpkin patch soon, don't miss this science activity that's easy to do between cleaning & carving. Get the instructions here.

Make Exploding Moon Rocks

Learn about how baking soda and vinegar react when making this exploding moon dough!
Blog Hero kid hands holding fossil

How to Make Dinosaur Fossils Using Salt Dough

In our Early Explorers subscription, there's a Dinosaur themed month that we absolutely love. We wanted to share a fun, crafty way for you to add to the experience and learn about the science of fossils!
How to make borax-free fluffy slime with contact solution, elmer’s glue and shaving cream

How to Make Fluffy Slime with Contact Solution, Shaving Cream, and Elmer’s Glue

Slime is a great tool for getting kids interested in science. Plus, it's super easy to make fluffy slime!

Free Printable First Day of School Sign

Love the look of the first day of school signs but pressed for time? We've got your back! Download our printable

How to Create an Inviting Homework Station for Kids

See designer WinterDaisy's tips for creating a cozy and inviting space that makes homework feel less like a chore.

Yosemite Compass Craft

Learn how to make a compass with a few items from your hiking bag - it's an old trail trick!

Soda Bottle Sprinkler

Entertain the kids for hours with a 2-liter soda bottle and some duct tape!

Galaxy in a Bottle

Build a galaxy sensory bottle that's both beautiful and mess-free.

Easy Homemade Birdfeeder Craft

Learn about the birds in your backyard by making this fun birdfeeder craft!
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