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Craft & DIY


Mardi Gras Handprint Mask

Create a homemade Mardi Gras mask and celebrate with your own parade! Get the tutorial here.

Polar Bear White Hot Chocolate

Make a sweet and warming treat with marshmallows and white chocolate! Get the recipe here.
Lantern Craft

Make Your Own Lantern for the Pingxi Lantern Festival in Taiwan

In Taiwan, near Taipei in the Pingxi District, thousands of people will release lanterns into the sky for the annual Lantern Festival. Make your own with our tutorial!

Celebrate Uttarayan, the International Kite Festival of India

In western India, the state of Gujarat hosts an international celebration that lights up the sky. It's Uttarayan, the International Kite Festival! Make your own kite with our tutorial.

Valentine’s Day Huggers

What’s better than a hug? A hug from an adorable animal! No, wait, we’ve got something even better. A hug from an adorable animal – with chocolate!
Amy and Stella Name Snowflakes Craft

Personalized Name Snowflake Craft

Did you know that your name can make a unique snowflake just for you? It's the perfect stormy weather craft. Get the tutorial!
Icicle Ornament Craft

Make Your Own Icicle Ornament

Have you ever looked at icicles hanging from a roof edge or tree branch and...
Painting with Snow

Painting with Snow Activity

Snow days are the perfect excuse to dress up warm and get outdoors. Why not...
Paper Lantern

Make Your Own Beautiful Filipino Parol Lantern

For Filipinos, making a parol, decorating one and lighting a parol is an expression of shared faith and hope. You can make your own!
DIY Christmas Crackers, the finished product

Make Your Own Christmas Crackers

Christmas crackers were made by an English candy maker who wanted to give his sweets a special pop! You can make your own Christmas crackers at home.
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