Get a Year of Learning and Exploration! Save $15 on Any 12 Month Subscription with Code: LEARN15

Get a Year of Learning & Exploration! Save $15 on a 12 Month Plan - Code: LEARN15



Exploring the Rice Fields of Bali (and a Yummy Recipe!)

Rice is an important part of Bali cuisine and culture - but where does all that rice come from? Blogger Robin investigates.

10 Best Kid’s Movies to Inspire a Love of Travel

Looking to take the kids traveling, but not ready to hop on a plane? Start with a movie night to kick off your exploration adventure!

Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival

Have you ever wondered what a city made of ice would look like? Now you don't have to wonder: the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival is here!
Kids playing soccier

After-School Sports Around the World

Games are a universal language. They help to develop strength, agility and strategic thinking. Take a look at the different ways that kids in school play sports all over the world!
Three Hula Dancers

Learn How to Hula Dance!

You don'’t need palm trees to enjoy Hawaiian culture. Get ready to move your feet, swing your hips, and learn to dance the Hula!
Diving Bell in Oceanic Abyss

Discover the Creatures of the Deep!

From glowing shrimp to starfish with hundreds of arms, explore the mysteries of the creatures of the deep.
San Diego Maritime Museum

Best Maritime Museums Around the World!

If your kids dream of sailing across the ocean, then be sure to check out these amazing maritime museums all around the world.
Exploring Germany with Little Passports

Exploring Germany with Little Passports!

Take a peek inside the World Edition’’s Germany package. We asked guest blogger Amanda Shaw, a...
Scenic Railway, Australia

Transportation Around the World

Contributed by Lara Takenaga  Children love trains, planes and boats, whether it’s watching them speed...
DIY map coasters craft

Travel Coasters for Teacher Appreciation Day

Teachers work hard every day to inspire a love of learning in our children. If...
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