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Happy Holidays from Little Passports Founders Amy & Stella

As we gather with our friends and family this holiday season, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for being a part of the Little Passports family.  From the start, we’ve put a lot of time and effort into building a company culture that would attract and retain team members. One of our company values is that the team is your family away from home.  We also view our customer community as part of the extended Little Passports family, and we appreciate your support and the stories you’ve shared with us over the years.

We meet with our entire team every Monday morning to share updates.  As part of every meeting, our Customer Care Team shares the stories that you’ve emailed, relayed over the phone or posted via social media.  We’ve heard from grandparents who are gifting Little Passports to their grandchildren and then using Facetime or Skype every month to connect over the monthly package. We’ve learned of your children who have asked to try a new cuisine after learning about foods that Sam, Sofia, Max and Mia tasted during their adventures (and thanks for the photos of the family meals you’ve cooked together based on our recipes!).  We’ve seen families make connections and learn about places where they have extended family members.  And we’ve been excited to hear about the families who made vacation plans based on itineraries and travels that our characters have taken. Here’s one of our recent favorites:
Happy holidays from amy and stella
“My 8-year-old daughter has had a Little Passports subscription for about a year and a half, thanks to a gift from her grandparents. We have loved the monthly packages. After receiving the Mexico package last year, and learning about Guanajuato, we decided to visit there for our family vacation this year. We absolutely loved our time there. My daughter was very excited to act like a fish in the underground tunnels, just like Sam and Sophia. Thank you for introducing us to this amazing town, and for continuing to do so each month! We never would have known about Guanajuato and would have missed out on an amazing, beautiful location. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We love Little Passports!”
– Jaclyn G. (Photo used with permission)
We close our Monday meetings with the team sharing their appreciation for each other, and finally, we remind everyone how their work inspires kids to learn about the world.  This holiday season, we appreciate you and your pursuit of inspiring a sense of exploration in your children.  You inspire us to work hard every day to be the best business leaders and mothers we can be. Thank you!
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  1. On 12/22/2016 patricia g hayes said:

    We have just joined, however hopefully that the twins will enjoy being a part of your family. They are with family in NH for the holiday and will go back to KY to receive their little passport in two weeks. I am the other gram in Fl who has purchased this program for them.

    1. On 12/27/2016 Kayla said:

      Hope they give you a call when they receive your gift! 🙂 Happy holidays!

  2. On 12/22/2016 Jana Lee Miller said:

    I’ve given this to my 7 yr old granddaughter for Christmas. I love to travel and hope to share the world with her with your Little Passports and personally. I’ll keep you posted. Jana Miller

    1. On 12/27/2016 Kayla said:

      Can’t wait to hear about your granddaughter’s adventures, Jana!

  3. On 12/22/2016 Ashlee Plemmons said:

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! I can’t wait for what 2017 will bring we have signed up for three of your adventures. World, States and Science. We homeschool and my second grader loves Littlepassports. Thank You for investing your time to keep little kiddos captivated by really wonderful adventures.

    1. On 12/27/2016 Kayla said:

      Wonderful to hear! Happy holidays Ashlee!

  4. On 12/22/2016 Jennifer Hodgden said:

    My granddaughter is still very excited to get her package from Sam & Sofia every month. It’s as if they are old friends. Thus, we’re starting our third year’s subscription.

    1. On 12/27/2016 Kayla said:


  5. On 12/22/2016 Mary Walsh said:

    I got my grandson the world edition age 6 to 10, what is the 1st country he will get. It’s a Xmas gift and I did ot see it. It was sent to him and will not open till Christmas. I love the idea and
    Look forward to talking to him every month about a new place to learn. Merry Christmas to you and happy to be part of your passport family! Mary Walsh

    1. On 12/27/2016 Kayla said:

      Hi Mary – he’ll get Brazil first. Let us know what he thinks!

  6. On 12/23/2016 Luwanna Fontenot said:

    Well, I just want to say that this past year has been awesome for my granddaughter, Dori!! She looks forward to each month and is so ready to travel the world!!! Thank you, Little Passports for making this happen!!

    Now, my question is, does it just continue after the 1st year… or does it continue until I stopped it?? You’re speedy response would greatly be appreciated!!

    Again, I thank you… A SATISFIED GRANDMOTHER

    1. On 12/27/2016 Kayla said:

      We’re so happy to hear that Luwanna! You can check your subscription status and when it will stop by emailing us at where we can help you directly.

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