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Actress holding little passports

Actress Constance Zimmer Loves Little Passports!

Constance Zimmer, star of Entourage and Grey’s Anatomy, has been enjoying Little Passports with her daughter. Here’s what she had to say:

“I love this idea! My daughter and I get to explore other countries together without leaving our house. Even more exciting is Coco getting her own mail in the mailbox, a tradition that you don’t see much anymore and she tears it open and can’t wait to see where her “friends” have traveled to. The added bonus of a souvenir is pretty great too! I highly recommend Little Passports for you and your kids, it’s an adventure you both can enjoy.”

Amy Norman, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Little Passports, with Constance Zimmer

We’re thrilled that she’s enjoying Little Passports, and would like to say thank you to Constance for her enthusiasm and support!

Little Passports Team