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dinosaur excavation

Dinosaur Excavating Activities for Kids

What child doesn’t like finding a surprise? These dinosaur excavating projects are a fun hands-on activity for kids! We’re sharing two different excavating activities today.

Dinosaur excavation toys

1.Dinosaur Ice Excavating

My kids have enjoyed ice excavating activities for years! We usually use a cake pan, fill it with tiny toys and water, then freeze. It’s a great activity to do on a hot day because the warm sun makes excavating the toys even easier. Here is a fun twist on that activity!


  • mini dinosaurs
  • 8″ balloons

dino 3

Step 1: Stretch the opening of each balloon with your fingers. Squeeze in a mini dinosaur into the opening.

dino 4

Step 2: Continue until you have the desired amount of dinosaur eggs!

Dinosaur ice balloons

Step 3: Fill each balloon with water, tie off ends, and freeze until solid.

Dinosaur Ice

Step 4: To open, cut the end of each balloon off with scissors and peel off the balloon. Now you have frozen dinosaur eggs! All ready to crack open.

Dinosaur excavation

Step 5: Use an eye dropper and warm water to slowly melt the ice and release the mini dinosaur inside.

Dinosaur excavation

Step 6: You can also use small tools (adult supervision required). A small flat head screwdriver and hammer work great. 

dino 1

2. Dino Surprise Soap

This excavating activity involves bath time! We created dinosaur eggs out of Ivory soap with a mini dinosaur surprise inside!

Dinosaur soap supplies Supplies:

  • Ivory soap (1 bar for each dinosaur egg)
  • mini Dinosaurs
  • water
  • grater
  • Grate one bar of Ivory soap into fine shreds.

Dinosaur soap step 1

Step 1: Press a small handful of soap into your hand. Place a mini dinosaur on top and use the remaining soap shreds to pack around dinosaur and form into an egg shape. Use a tiny bit of water (a spray bottle works great) to smooth out and help pack soap.

dino 15

Step 2: Let dry and enjoy!

dino 16

As the kids wash themselves during bath time, the tiny dinosaur inside will gradually emerge!

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Little Passports Guest Blogger Brandy NelsonBrandy is a California girl married to an Alaskan boy. They’’ve lived all over the country, moving where the Coast Guard sends them, and are parents to 4 children. Brandy has been surrounded by creative influences her entire life. Her biggest mentors being her mother and grandmother. When she grew up and started to have a family of her own, her desire to create blossomed as she turned each new house into a home. Her blog,, is a collection of some of her favorite kids activities, projects, recipes and craft tutorials.

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