Solar oven smores cooking on a deck

DIY Solar Oven S’mores

Engineer yourself some s’mores by putting the hot summer sun to use! Using a few household items and an old pizza box, the sun’s rays are directed into the box, heating up the marshmallows and melting the chocolate for a delicious scientific treat.



Pizza box, wiped clean

Aluminum foil

Plastic wrap

Graham crackers


Chocolate bar

Scissors or box cutter

Wooden skewer (optional)



1.  Cut a 3-sided opening in the top of your pizza box using scissors or a box cutter. Lift up the flap and crease on the side that’s still connected to the box.

2.  Lifting the opening, use a large piece of aluminum foil to cover the flap. To keep the opening lifted, use the wooden skewer  (if needed – ours stayed open on its own).

3. Line the bottom of the pizza box with aluminum foil.

4.  Place graham crackers, marshmallow and chocolate into the solar oven.

5. Lift the entire top lid of the pizza box, including the flap. Place a layer of plastic wrap over the lower section of the box, above the food items, to protect the s’mores. Use painter’s tape to make sure there are no gaps or holes in the plastic to ensure that you create a real greenhouse effect. This will help to trap the sun’s heat to cook the s’mores. (See photo at top.)

6.  Place your solar oven outside in direct sun, positioning the top flat so that the sun reflects into the box. Ours took about 90 minutes to fully cook – depending on the weather, yours may take a shorter or longer time to cook.

7.  Enjoy your delicious s’mores!