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Woodland Animal Activities

Little Passports is celebrating our Animals Wild subscription for kids ages 3-5 with a forest of free woodland animal activities to share with your family. Explore the majestic world of woodland creatures with four printable activities, a poem about a brown bear, and quick facts about the arctic hare and river otter.

Printable Activities

Enjoy these four free printable woodland animal activities from Little Passports. Spot the moose in Forest Find, uncover hidden hedgehogs in Rise and Shine, make a flapping bird craft in Spread Your Wings and Fly, and color adorable red fox kits in Spring Has Sprung. Click or tap the images or headlines to download printable PDFs of each activity.

Forest Find Hidden Picture

Rise and Shine Hedgehog Lift-the-Flap

Spread Your Wings and Fly Bird Craft

Spring Has Sprung Coloring Sheet

A Brown Bear Pair

Mother brown bear and her cub

​​The days are shorter, there’s a chill in the air.
There is much to do for an expectant bear!
She’ll be hibernating for six months or so,
Hiding from winter, with its blustery snow.
She forages and hunts for good food to eat,
Gobbling ninety pounds daily is no small feat!
What’s on the bear’s menu? Fish, flowers, and flies!
She won’t store the fat that she needs otherwise.

Once she is sleeping in her cozy den,
She’ll wake, have her baby, and then sleep again.
Her sweet newborn cub knows just what he must do:
Drink milk and stay warm until winter is through.

When springtime arrives, the mom opens her eyes.
She snuggles her baby and stops all his cries.
They both leave the den and step into the sun.
It seems to say, “Welcome to you, little one!”

Creature Quick Facts

Discover the cool camouflage of the arctic hare and the playful lessons river otter moms give their pups in these quick facts about woodland animals.

Where Did It Go?

Arctic hare on snowfield

Abracadabra! Watch the arctic hare disappear! Like some animals in the Lapland forest, the arctic hare has a trick to help it survive. All year round, its extra thick fur keeps it warm, but in the snowy months of winter, it turns nearly pure white. This change in color helps the arctic hare blend into the snow and go mostly unnoticed by other animals. When the weather turns warmer and the snow melts away, the fur of the arctic hare turns grayish brown to match the rocks and dirt around it. Is it magic? No, it’s nature!

Mommy and Me Time

River otter mother and pup

As they slip and slide, roll and tumble, river otter pups are doing more than having fun—they’re learning how to survive! When they’re around two months old, the pups begin to leave their nest and explore. Their mother encourages them to chase after each other, slide down mud banks, play fight, swim, and dive. She knows they’ll need these important skills when they head off on their own at about 14 months old. But until that time comes, the mother otter will be right by their side, showing them how it’s done!