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Blarney Stone Craft

Blarney Stone Craft

Nestled in the battlements of Ireland’s Blarney Castle sits an enchanted stone! This legendary piece of rock is said to have magical powers–if you give the stone a kiss, you will be blessed with the “gift of gab.” (In other words, you’ll speak like a pro.) Bring the Blarney Stone home to you with this St. Patrick’s Day craft.

Find a smooth stone (make sure it’s clean) and give it some St. Patrick’s Day flair! Paint the stone green and add a pair of red paper lips using tape or glue. There you have it: your very own Blarney Stone! Give it a kiss and gab away.

Fun Fact:  Smooching the Blarney Stone requires some balancing skills. In order to reach it, you have to lean backwards over the castle wall!

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    What libriateng knowledge. Give me liberty or give me death.

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