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Have an afternoon of sensory play with this rainbow pom pom bath activity from Little Passports

Sensory Play: Rainbow Pom-Pom Bath

Pom-poms are a fun and colorful addition to any art project, but did you know you can transform them into an afternoon of sensory play? When wet, pom-poms acquire a new texture that is a ton of fun to play with. In the water, they become squishy and sleek, a perfect combination for curious kids. 

Simply fill a bathtub or kiddie pool with water and dump in all the pom-poms your heart desires. We’ve provided some fun play prompts below, but we challenge your kids to be creative and dream up some of their own!

To dry the pom-poms for reuse, gather them into a pillowcase. Squeeze out as much water as you can. Secure the pillow case opening by tying it closed in a knot. Toss the pillow case in the dryer, and the pom-poms will be good as new! Drying time may vary based on the fiber content of your pom-poms.


  • Rainbow pom-poms (use different sizes for even more sensory variety)
  • A bathtub or kiddie pool

Play prompts for kids:

  1. Scoop up some pom-poms with plastic cups and dump them out over your head! What do the pom poms feel like as they cascade over you?
  2. Make a pom-pom rainbow. The colors of the rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, indigo, and violet (ROY G. BIV). Use white pom-poms to create clouds at both ends!
  3. Make a pom-pom whirlpool: Stick your hand in the middle of the water and start swirling it in a circular motion. Keep swirling faster and faster, until the pom-poms are following the water’s path. Remove your hand and watch your rainbow whirlpool swirl before your eyes!
  4. Make floating pictures in the water. You can create a self portrait, a landscape, or flowers. You can even write your name!
  5. Have a pom-pom gathering contest. Have each opponent close their eyes and see who can gather the most pom-poms without looking.

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