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Mom handing a surprise present to a young child

Gift Giving Is a Cinch with These 10 Best Gift Ideas for Kids

When you’re a child, opening a gift is an event. There’s something simply magical about unwrapping the colorful paper or pulling a mysterious present out of a bag that makes kids positively glow. For the giver, the joy comes from seeing their efforts truly appreciated. After all, who doesn’t want to gift the perfect present?

When it comes to the best gift ideas for kids, consider options that ignite their imaginations and encourage them to explore the world around them. These are the gifts that will keep kids coming back for new adventures again and again.

Gift Ideas for Girls and Boys 

If you’re looking for a special present for your kids and aren’t sure where to get started, consider these fantastic gift ideas for boys, girls, and any child whose interests and abilities are a match! From board games to books and DIY kits, we’ll help you find the ideal gift to celebrate your young ones.

Board Games

Nothing brings a family together like a little friendly competition, so why not consider gifting a board game? It’s a fun way to spend an evening together and make some lasting memories. Looking to amp up the excitement? Add vouchers that your kids can use to book a game night with you, because a board game is much more fun with someone special to play it with.

Recommended age: Three and up.

Mother and daughter playing board game

Pretend Play

Some adventurers want to know what it’s like to drive fast, explore mysterious lands, or save the world. Doll and action figures give your children a chance to put themselves at the heart of the action and go on adventures as superheroes, star athletes, or fantasy creatures. Model planes, water vehicles, and miniature trucks and cars can also let them explore unknown parts of the world without leaving the comfort of home.

Recommended age: Between 3 and 12.

Craft Kits

Many kids love to point at an object and say, “I made that!” Get your children started on the right DIY foot by giving them a flower press, tie-dye kit, pottery kit, or any other hands-on project that will encourage them to flex their creative muscles. Who knows, you may even end up getting a special handmade hat or painting back from them as your birthday gift! 

Recommended age: Between five and nine.

Science Experiments

Kids are often full of questions about the world. Help satisfy their curiosity and get a deeper understanding of life with activities that answer questions in a fun, engaging, hands-on way. From basic physics to chemistry, engineering, and even biology, you’re sure to find a delightful gift to keep your young scientists entertained. If you aren’t sure which STEM field to choose, some kits cover multiple science disciplines and can open the world up for exploration.

Recommended age: Between 4 and 12.

Camping and Sleepover Set

Grab some s’mores and a set of fuzzy pajamas, and get your kids ready for slumber parties and campouts by gifting them camping essentials like a sleeping bag, lantern, or tent. The adventure of sleeping somewhere new (even if it’s just the backyard) will make for a night everyone will remember.

Recommended age: Eight and up.

Sensory Toys

A toy that engages multiple senses is likely to be a hit. If it involves building something new, all the better! Younger kids might enjoy a play farm with sound effects and lights, while older ones might love getting creative with a kinetic sand kit. And anything involving interactivity, like turning a crank or blowing up a balloon, is going to be irresistible for many young crafters.

Recommended age: Between 2 and 10.

Bathtub Toys

Splish, splash! Help make bath time more exciting by giving tub playthings to the kids in your life. Toy boats, soap crayons, and glowing bath cubes are all great gift ideas that can make washing up a getaway to a fun water wonderland. Getting scrub-a-dub clean will never be the same again!

Recommended age: One and up.

Activity Books and Magazines

There are books on any topic your kids are curious about, whatever their interests. Activity books and magazines are great resources for exploration and discovery that can introduce your young ones to new places, cultures, and ideas. For kids who often have their noses buried in a book, consider a monthly book club membership or a magazine subscription so they will always have something interesting to read.

Child reading and flipping a page on a book while lying on the floor.

Folding Scooter

Strap on some helmets and accompany your kids on a neighborhood adventure with this fun, practical gift. Kids will relish the exercise and fresh air, and you’ll get to share an exciting and healthy activity. And when their travels are done for the day, simply fold and store!

Recommended age: Five and up.

Subscription Boxes

Keep the joy coming by signing your kids up for a monthly subscription box. Many services will regularly deliver toys and activities based on their specific interests or hobbies. Think of it as the gift that keeps giving all year long!

Time Together

Spending time together, exploring new ways to be creative, and discovering all the wonders of the world—these are wonderful gifts to give your kids (and yourself!). Gather the whole family for fun activities, like art projects from around the world or making a cool snow globe. Nature lovers might enjoy preparing a winter diet to feed backyard birds as well!

And speaking of birds, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your little animal lover, check out our Animals Wild subscription box. Every month, they’ll have a wild time exploring hands-on activities, games, and fun facts that center around Earth’s coolest animals. The whole crew is likely to roar with delight!