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9 Incredible Schools from Around the World

Too cool for school? Think again! These schools from around the world inspire creativity with their unique architecture and design. With classrooms that float to ones built inside a giant cat, these schools deserve an A+ in ingenuity.

Image Source: Design Boom

LOOP: Tianjin, China

This donut-shaped kindergarten doesn’t have a single corner! Every part of the building–from the windows to the floor–has with kid-friendly, rounded edges. 18 vibrant colors bring the school to life and are used to mark different areas so kids don’t get lost. LOOP even has a roof-top garden!

Green School: Bali, Indonesia

Green School is on a mission to save the earth. This eco-friendly school runs on clean energy, using solar panels and a hydro-powered generator. Best of all, the architects made the school completely out of bamboo (sustainably harvested bamboo, of course)!

Image Source: NLE Works

Makoko Floating School: Lagos, Nigeria

In a town faced with rising waters and overpopulation, the architects of this place used their imaginations to build a school that floats! The wooden school sits on top of 256 recycled plastic barrels for buoyancy, while its triangular shape keeps it stable in high winds. After class, the playground on the lower level converts to a community center after class so town residents can fish and relax.

Gari Chapidze’s Playschool: Rustavi, Georgia

Fly high in this kindergarten! Headmaster Gari Chapidze converted an old Georgian Airways Yakolev 42 aircraft into classroom for local students. Kids can push buttons, look out of the cockpit, and have fun in this interactive learning environment.

Image Source: NBC News

Image Source: World Architecture News

METI School: Rudrapur, Bangladesh

Cave-exploring meets classroom in this school! The ground floor features rooms that are connected by cave-like portals that kids can explore or retreat into to study.  

Bridge School at Pinghe: Xiashi, China

This school is literally a bridge! It is suspended over a small creek that runs through Xiashi and connects two parts of the village. A walkway is underneath the school and Xiashi residents can use it to cross the water.

Image Source: Open Buildings 

Image Source: Architonic

Fuji Yochien: Tokyo, Japan

Doubling as a classroom and playground, this school knows how to combine work and play! A beautiful, large tree emerges from the middle of the building to create a sense of openness and bring the school to life.

École Maternelle Pajol: Paris France

Rain or shine, the students here can see rainbows every day! With vibrant colors inside and out, this school’s design creates a youthful and fun environment for kids to learn and play. It is one of the most colorful schools in the world.

Image Source: Entertainment Designer 

Image Source: Travel + Leisure

Kindergarten Wolfartsweier: Karlsruhe, Germany

Kindergarten Wolfartsweier looks like giant cat! When kids walk through the entrance of this school, it feels like they are being swallowed whole. The classrooms and eating area are in the cats belly and the playgrounds are in its paws. The cat’s tail even doubles as a slide!