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These Special Gift Ideas for Kids Are Sure to Delight

Whether you’re shopping for a niece, grandson, or your own child, finding the perfect gift is a wonderful feeling. But what can you do when the kid you’re buying for seems to have everything they want? 

Don’t fret: You can still find something they’ll love. All it takes is creativity and a dash of patience.

Read on to discover our favorite gifts for kids who have everything.

The Four-Gift Rule

There are so many fun gifts available for kids that it can be tempting to splurge. Many families have turned to “the four-gift rule” to avoid over-buying when shopping for their children. This method limits gift-giving to one present from each of the following categories:

  • Something they want 
  • Something they need
  • Something to wear
  • Something to read

The four-gift rule encourages gift-givers to think carefully about their presents and ensures each item thoughtfully enriches your child’s life. Depending on your budget, you may choose to pick up all four gifts yourself or divvy up the categories between friends and extended family.

A mother giving her child a birthday gift

Out-of-the-Box Gift Ideas 

When choosing unique gifts for your kid, considering their interests and needs will lead you to the right present.

If you decide to try the four-gift rule, how do you pick which presents fit the bill? Here are some ideas for each category:

Something They Want

Whether they’re learning about physics or foods around the world, most kids love getting hands-on with their playtime. Talk to your kids about what they want, and show them some options. Pay close attention to your child’s interests and opt for a tactile play experience related to something they love. If they’re into robots, look for something that will let them experiment with and learn more about robotics. If they love cooking, opt for a gift that will help them explore the world of food. This category is all about that smile when they open the package and find something they absolutely love. 

Something They Need

You can interpret the “something they need” category in many different ways. Is your kid about to outgrow their shoes? New sneakers could be the perfect gift. Is your family about to take a vacation? A pair of sunglasses or a personalized passport holder is a great way to build anticipation. Does a younger child need a way to develop new skills and become school-ready? If so, educational play kits (like our Animals Wild 3-Pack) or a subscription to a learning app that improves early reading scores are an excellent grab. 

Something to Wear

Shopping for clothes is a delightful opportunity to get creative. You can gift your child a new outfit for special occasions, a fun T-shirt for everyday wear, or a special playtime garment (such as a dress-up costume or a chef’s apron). Items like jewelry and other accessories make great presents for older children as well.

Something to Read

Giving kids books helps them develop a love of reading, one of the most important core learning skills. Great kids’ books can also help a child expand their horizons at the same time. Sam and Sofia’s Scooter Stories, for example, immerse kids in the wonders of other countries and cultures.

Experiences That Last a Lifetime

Some of the best gifts don’t come in a box. Giving your child a unique and memorable experience that stokes an existing interest is the kind of present that they’ll remember for years to come. 

A young foodie might enjoy a cooking class, while a science-loving kid might want to visit a planetarium. Here are some more experience ideas:

Music Lessons

Learning to sing or play a musical instrument is a spectacular creative outlet—and it’s loads of fun! Music lessons allow your child to express themselves and develop a new skill they can carry into adulthood.

Visiting an Interactive Art Museum

Immersive art exhibits have been growing in popularity, and if you’ve ever seen one, it’s easy to understand why. These displays use cool technology—like virtual reality, gigantic projectors, and interactive elements—to bring art to life. If your child is an aspiring artist, this larger-than-life experience will be right up their alley.

DIY Crafts and Activities

Some kids love nothing more than a good craft project. They provide a fun opportunity for your child to create their own gift—and they don’t have to be complicated to set up. Pick up art supply sets or craft activity kits your child can use to develop their DIY skills and create unique works of art. 

Kid-Focused Educational Content

Experiences out in the world (like a concert or a museum exhibit) make for wonderful gifts. But you can also give your child a unique experience from home with a subscription to kid-focused educational content. There are online lessons and apps on nearly every subject, from reading, math, and critical thinking skills to learning computer coding.

Monthly Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are the gifts that keep on giving. 

This gift idea for kids integrates learning and play. Each monthly box delivers hands-on activities that will expand your child’s horizons. And after they work through their box, a new package will be on its way to start the fun all over again! 

Little Passports offers subscription boxes for kids of all ages and interests, including:

  • Early Explorers: This award-winning box encourages kids ages 3–5 to cultivate an interest in other places and cultures through creative play. Kids explore the world with a giant map, build models of homes from other countries, learn about the ocean with wooden fishing toys, enjoy stories from Little Passports characters Max, Mia, and Toby, and more. 
  • Animals Wild: If your child age 3–5 is obsessed with animals, this is the subscription for them! Each box teaches your kid fun facts about the creatures that roam our planet—from the Australian Outback’s sands to the Pacific Ocean’s depths—through playsets, activities, and games.
  • Science Junior: Looking for unique, hands-on science gifts for kids? Young scientists ages 5–8 will love making new discoveries every month with this subscription. Each box contains everything they need to help them understand scientific topics including gravity, volcanic eruptions, and pulley systems.
  • World Edition: With this subscription box, you can give a child the world! World Edition introduces kids ages 6–10 to a new country each month through fun activities, recipes, stories, and more.
  • Kitchen Adventures: Turn mealtime into a global adventure with this cooking subscription box for kids ages 7+. Each box delivers kid-friendly recipes, a kitchen tool, and hands-on activities exploring world cultures.
  • Science Expeditions: If your child age 8+ is ready to unlock the secrets of the world around them, Science Expeditions is a great gift. This subscription encourages them to explore a new topic each month through comic books and hands-on activities that bring science to life at home.

A Little Passports subscription is an experience gift created with kids in mind. The activities in each box are sure to spark your child’s imagination, help them develop new skills, and inspire a love of learning that will last a lifetime.