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world tourism day food scavenger hunt

Foods of the World Scavenger Hunt

While many of us aren’t traveling as much these days, we can still introduce our little ones to the smorgasbord of tastes, sights, and smells out there in the world. In honor of World Tourism Day, let’s take a mouthwatering tour around the globe with this fall scavenger hunt for the senses.

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India: Pumpkin Paratha

A hearty but healthy flatbread with lightly sweetened pumpkin, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, saffron, and sea salt.

Guatemala: Fiambre Salad

An All Saints’ Day tradition that’s probably the largest salad you’ll ever have—with up to 50 ingredients!

Philippines: Suman Rice Cakes

Sticky rice cooked in coconut milk, steamed in leaves, and eaten with sugar or coconut-caramel sauce.

Brazil: Peanut Butter Brigaderios

Bite-size balls of rich chocolate fudge filled with peanut butter goodness and coated in fun toppings.

Greece: Red Lentil Soup

A healthy, delicious, and easy to prepare Mediterranean soup full of fresh fall flavors.

Japan: Taiyaki Street Snacks

A popular fish-shaped dessert with the filling of your choice: sweet red bean paste, custard, Nutella, cheese, or chocolate.

Egypt: Kahk Cookies

An Eid al-Fitr holiday delicacy stuffed with a sweet honey-nut filling and rolled in powdered sugar.

Thailand: Mango Sticky Rice

A classic Thai dessert that celebrates two of the country’s many tropical fruits: mango and coconut. 

Sri Lanka: Pumpkin Curry

A nice complement to spicier dishes, with the sweetness of pumpkin and the creaminess of coconut milk.

England: Plum Pudding

A Christmas tradition similar to American fruitcake, but much more cake-like and moist.

Indonesia: Nasi Goreng

A traditional dish of fried rice, omelet strips, veggies, soy sauce, shrimp, and chicken.

Israel: Potato Latkes

A beloved Hanukkah potato treat, fried in oil in honor of the story behind the holiday and the menorah.

Romania: Scovergi Fritters

A traditional fried treat sprinkled with powdered sugar and topped with jam, Nutella, or cheese. 

Mexico: Mole

A sauce of chilies, coriander, sesame seeds, almonds, cloves, onion, garlic, and the star of the dish: cocoa.

France: Baguette Lunch

A lunchbox treat straight from Paris: jambon-beurre sandwich, sliced veggies, a fruit flag, and madeleines.

Norway: Rice Porridge

A tummy-warming Christmas tradition topped with sugar, cinnamon, and butter— with a hidden almond for good luck!

United States: Apple Tansey

A sweet apple omelet popular among the first English settlers of Virginia and still a fall favorite today.

Ukraine: Varenyky Dumplings

A favorite Ukrainian dish of dumplings with sweet or savory fillings—try strawberry or potato and cheese.

Austrian: Palatschinken Jam Crêpes

The Austrian version of pancakes, rolled up with a thin layer of jam and dusted with powdered sugar.

Türkiye: Flatbread Pizza

A staple in Türkiye (traditionally eaten with soups, stews, and dips), but with a pizza crust twist.

How many of these delectable foods will you try this month? Did you spot any good lunchbox ideas? Will you make a dish to share? 

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