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Get a Year of Learning & Exploration! Save $15 on a 12 Month Plan - Code: LEARN15

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Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival

Have you ever wondered what a city made of ice would look like? Now you don't have to wonder: the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival is here!
Happy New Year

New Year’’s Eve Traditions Around The World Quiz!

Test your knowledge of New Year’s Eve traditions from around the world! The answers are...
Diwali Plated Gajar

Celebrate Diwali with a Delicious Gajar Halwa Recipe

Guest Post by Prerna of Indian Simmer For many of us who celebrate the festival, the word...
Dancing Raisins 3

Dancing Raisins

Everyone knows raisins can’t dance. Or… can they? Try this fun and easy experiment to find out.

Acid or Base? The Cabbage Water Experiment

Acid or base? This fun experiment uses something you can buy very inexpensively -- red cabbage.

How to Make Pennies Turn Green

Why does copper turn green? Uncover the mystery of the Statue of Liberty with this fun science experiment for kids.

Rainbow Science Activity Inside!

Light is made up of a spectrum of wavelengths, each with a different color. It’s easy and fun to separate them and create a rainbow!
Peppermint smell test

Does Smell Affect Taste?

Here is fun (and tasty) experiment to try to see what factors affect your sense of taste!
How to Make Quicksand

Make Your Own Quicksand!

Kids can create their own quicksand for their toys at home using just two ingredients and a few supplies from around the house.
powers of polymers

Power of Polymers: Make a Leak-Proof Bag

Have a zipper-lock bag and some pencils? Then you can wow your kids—and send them out to wow the neighborhood kids by making a leak-proof bag!
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