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Egypt Activities for Kids

Egypt Activities for Kids

Welcome to our hub of all things Egypt! Explore both ancient and modern Egypt with us as you build a gumdrop pyramid, write your name in hieroglyphics, make a mummy apple, bake kahk cookies, and play traditional Egyptian games! (Papyrus) scroll down the page to immerse yourself in Egypt fun! Continue exploring Egypt and other countries with Little Passports subscription lines.

Header: Featured Projects
Make Papyrus and Write in Hieroglyphics
Build a Pyramid with Gumdrops and Toothpicks
How to Draw a Sphinx
Bake Kahk Cookies
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Egypt Photo Tour

Egypt Photo Gallery

Flip through our vibrant gallery to learn more about Egypt!

Printable: Scarab Search

Printable: Scarab Search

In ancient Egypt, scarab beetles were symbols of protection and good fortune. Search for the hidden creatures within this free printable!

Color Egypt's Flag

Printable: Color an Egypt Flag!

Celebrate Egypt by adding an Egypt flag to your flag garland! Color in the red, white, and black stripes to create your own.

Activity: Make a mummy from an apple

Make an Apple Mummy

Ancient Egyptians practiced mummification to preserve the human body. Learn more about the process by making a mummy apple!

Drop the handkerchief

Game: Drop the Handkerchief

Train your reflexes by playing this traditional Egyptian game.


More Egypt Activities

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