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Optical Illusions: Activities for Kids

Optical Illusion Activities for Kids

With optical illusions it’s all a matter of perspective! We sometimes call optical illusions “tricking the eye,” but really it’s the brain that’s tricked as it tries to make sense of the visual information it’s receiving. Either way, seeing and creating optical illusions is a fun way for kids (and adults!) to learn about how our eyes and brain make sense of our world. Keep scrolling to see more optical illusions!

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Funny Optical Illusion Photography for Kids
Draw an Impossible Optical Illusion Triangle
Depth Perception Activity for Kids
Silly Optical Illusion Photo Gallery
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Gallery of Optical Illusion Art

Optical Illusions Art Gallery

See for yourself, three types of mind-blowing optical illusions!

Make a Color Wheel

Printable: Newton’s Color Wheel!

Learn about the color spectrum and how our brains perceive it.

science experiment turn pennies green

Turn Pennies Green

Create this simple chemical reaction using items from your home.


Rainbow Science Activity

Play around with the different colors of the light spectrum to create a rainbow!

Make a Bubble Cube

Printable: Make a Bubble Cube

Impress your friends and family by doing the impossible—making a bubble in the shape of a cube!


Invisible Ink Experiment

Send secret notes to your friends and family with this awesome DIY invisible ink.

Color changing carnations experiment

Dyed Carnations Science Experiment

Turn white carnations into yellow, blue, green, pink—you name it—carnations!

Little Passports Snowstorm in a Jar Science Experiment

Make a Snowstorm in a Jar

Experiment with oil and water to create this mesmerizing portable snowstorm.