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Color changing carnations experiment

Dyed Carnations Science Experiment for Kids!

Have you ever wondered where the water goes when a plant is watered? Place a flower’s stem in colored water and you’ll see how it “drinks” it up!

With this experiment, your child will see how stems help plants grow. They will be able to see how water travels up the stems of plants and into the leaves and flowers to make food which helps keep the plant rigid.

This science experiment is beautiful, colorful, and the results appear quickly!

Supplies:Carnation Supplies

White carnations

Food coloring

Vases or clear cups

Sharp knife or scissors




Step 1: Add 10 drops of food coloring into a small vase.

Step 2: Fill with water. Add more drops if necessary to achieve a darker color.

Color Changing Carnations Step 2

Step 3: Cut each stem of your carnations on an angle and place inside a vase.

Color Changing Carnations Step 3

carnations step 6

Step 4: Wait and watch! Within a few hours, you’ll begin to see the carnations change color. As the flower “drinks” the water, the water will run through the stem as well as all of the petals.

Have your child predict which carnation they think will turn the darkest color. It may not be the one they think! We thought purple would certainly be as dark as the blue, but that wasn’t the case. The green and blue flowers came out the most vivid, with the others turning a more pastel shade (still beautiful!).

carnations 7

Not only is this a fun project to watch, it also makes a pretty centerpiece for your table, too!

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