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Blog header: illuminated mason jar on right, text reading "D.I.Y. Constellation Light" on left

Constellation Light

Bring the beauty of the night sky indoors with this fun and enthralling DIY constellation light! It’s a great way to encourage kids to explore the stars and fuel their fascination with space. Plus you can have them trace their favorite star patterns from our Constellation Dot2Dot Printable, then play a game of “spot the constellation” once the light is set up in a dark room.


Supplies for constellation light

How to Make a Constellation Light

Step one: Measure the jar’s height and circumference. Apply the same measurements to a piece of foil and cut. (Younger kids will need an adult to cut the foil.)

Person measuring side of mason jar

Step two: Pick your favorite constellations from the printable to draw on the foil. After drawing with a pencil, use a Phillips-head screwdriver to poke a hole to mark every point in each constellation. Then use a safety pin to poke small and big holes all over the foil to create a field of stars. If doing this activity with younger children, adults should make the holes. 

Person making holes in aluminum foil with safety pin

Step three: Roll the foil into a cylinder and insert into the jar.

Person rolling aluminum foil into a mason jar for constellation light

Step four: Turn on an LED tea light, place it inside the jar, and close the lid.

Person placing LED tea light into mason jar

Step five: Enjoy in a dark room!

Constellation light in dark room after completion

Now kids can stargaze anytime! No need to worry about going outdoors or waiting for clear skies. Set up sleeping bags in a dark living room and enjoy the feeling of camping among the stars with the whole family!