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Earth Day Roundup

Here at Little Passports we know that global adventure wouldn’t be possible without a globe to explore. It’s up to each of us to learn about and love our planet. It should be no surprise, then, that Earth Day is one of our favorite holidays. Yesterday, people from all over the globe gathered in their communities to celebrate. Scroll down for a few quick highlights.

Did you and your family celebrate? Share in the comments!

World-Wide: Cover the Night
With the release of its viral video, Kony2012, Invisible Children brought huge awareness to the longest-running war in Africa. This Earth Day weekend, the organization focused this awareness on a world-wide event called Cover the Night. Cover the Night, which took place on Friday, encouraged people all over the globe to serve their communities. “Think global, act local” at its finest. Click here to scroll through photos from Cover the Night.

Germany: Ecovillages and Community Tour
This tour in Germany brought people together to learn about life for individuals and communities in Germany. The group discussed topics like permaculture and community supported agriculture.

Los Angeles, CA: Earth Day Latino
This event, hosted at the Los Angeles State Park, featured guest speakers and outdoor activities. The goal of the event was to bring people together to celebrate the earth and the people who live on it.

South Africa: MobilizeU
Rhodes University in South Africa hosted two large events. The “Green Fund Run: brought attention to environmental issues and the Student Representative Council Environmental Week featured a theme for each day of the week.