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Animals activities for kids

Animal Activities for Kids

We’re wild about animals! I’m sure you gnu that. All of Little Passports subscription lines frequently explore animals from around the world. We’ve rounded up some favorite animal activities here. Keep scrolling to leap into the fun.

Featured Projects
Create a kelp forest with fingerprint doodle creatures
Animal classification activity for kids
Animal Jokes and Riddles
How to draw animals for kids
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Baby Animal matching activity

Printable: Baby Animal Match Up!

Match the baby animals to their parents with this fun toddler printable.

dumbo octopus

Discover Creatures of the Deep

Join our under-sea-adventure to learn about creatures of the Mariana Trench.


Photo: African Masked Weaver

Take a close-up view of this bird building its round nest.

Tokay Gecko

Lizards of Asia

Explore these unique wriggly reptiles that call Asia their home.

Dinosaur excavating activity for kids

Let’s Excavate Dinosaurs!

Dinosaur fans will love these two hands-on excavating activities for kids.

Snake craft for kids

Snake Craft

Make colorful snakes that wrap around your arms.

Zodiac animals

Learn Your Zodiac Animal

This is a fun way to explore animals and personality traits.

Turkey Brigadeiro Kids Thanksgiving Dessert Recipe

Turkey Brigadeiros Recipe

Spend some silly time in the kitchen creating these yummy and adorable turkeys.

Poisson d’Avril - French April Fools activity for kids

The Fish of April

Print this activity to celebrate April Fools like the French.

Belka and Strelka Russian space dogs comic activity for kids

Russian Space Dogs

Print this activity to draw your own comic about Belka & Strelka, dogs who went to space!