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Get a Year of Learning & Exploration! Save $20 on Any 12 Month Plan - CODE: EXPLORE Details

Prevent Summer Learning Loss with Science Activities

Looking for fun summer activities to prevent summer break learning loss? Try these 5 activities that are perfect for budding scientists, technologists, engineers or mathematicians!

Green Thumb Science Project: the pH of Soil

Explore the outdoors and grow new plants in your garden this summer. This project will teach your child about the effects of pH on plants, and how soil conditions influence growth.

Green thumb the ph of soil science experiment

Create Your Own Meteorology Weather Center

Make a barometer, a weather vane, and a thermometer to create your own weather center! Use this science fair project to create your own at-home meteorology study.

Weather center meteorology science fair project

Do People Remember Better in Color?

Using just a few coloring book pages, send your little scientist out to gather data. This psychology experiment tests whether people recall details better when color is involved.

psychology recall and memory science experiment

Create Hydropower Energy

Create your own water wheel and learn about sustainable energy with this activity that’s meant for the classroom but is easily modified for home.

Water wheel hydropower science experiment

Grow Bacteria in a Petri Dish

Kids will love seeing the bacteria from their mouths grow in this extra-gross science experiment.

Science fair project growing bacteria

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