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Favorite Summer Camp Activities

Join us on our Summer Camp adventures, and check out these five favorite summer camp activities your kids will enjoy. Teach your kids how to use a compass with a treasure-hunting game, unleash their creativity with several of our crafts, then cool down in the yard with a DIY soda-bottle sprinkler!

1. Compass and Map-reading Crash Course

Step through the basics of compass directions and make it fun!

2. Insect Craft for Kids

Your kids will bug you to make more of these!

3. Map Pendant Craft

Manifest your travel dreams into this pendant or luggage tag.

4. DIY Birdfeeder

This craft is for the birds, but your kids will enjoy it too.

5. Soda Bottle Sprinkler

Hey, cool it! All it takes is a 2-liter bottle, a hose, and some duct tape!