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Make a fun firework craft with Little Passports

3-D Fourth of July Salt Art Painting

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, here is a patriotic craft that is sure to be a hit with the kids this year. The salt in the glue really makes this art pop!


  • White craft glue
  • Water colors
  • Paint brush
  • Salt
  • Black construction paper
  • optional: hair spray

Make 3-D Salt Firework Art

Fourth of July Craft Step 1

Step 1: Draw firework shapes on black paper with white glue.






Fourth of July Craft Step 2

Step 2
: While the glue is still wet, pour salt all over design, liberally. Pick up paper and let excess salt fall off onto a cookie sheet or paper plate. Don’t worry about letting the glue dry. You can color the salt while it is still wet!




Fourth of July Craft Step 4

Step 3: Dip brush in watercolor paints and dab the paint onto the salt. DO NOT BRUSH the paint across the salt or it will wipe it away. Just drip the paint over the salt. You could even use a tiny syringe to apply the paint!





Fourth of July Craft Step 5

Step 4: Keep dabbing until all of the salt is covered.







Fourth of July Craft Step 6

Step 5: It will bleed and create beautiful swirls and blends of colors!







Fourth of July Step 6

Step 6: Let dry completely before picking image up. Once dry, you can apply a light layer of hairspray to help keep the salt from flaking off easily, but either way the colors will fade a bit after a day or so. Expert tip – ours lasted over a week before the salt began to flake off, these aren’t forever pictures, but my kids sure had fun creating them!


Happy crafting!

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brandy nelson

Brandy is a California girl married to an Alaskan boy. They’ve lived all over the country, moving where the Coast Guard sends them, and are parents to 4 children (and a black lab puppy). Brandy has been surrounded by creative influences her entire life. Her biggest mentors being her mother and grandmother. When she grew up and started to have a family of her own, her desire to create blossomed as she turned each new house into a home. Her blog, gluesticksblog.com, is a collection of some of her favorite kids activities, projects, recipes, and craft tutorials.