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Acts of Community Service for the Whole Family

What makes a community special is its members, and no member is too small to make a difference. Kids big and small can participate in beautifying their community every day! Invest in your community through these purposeful acts of service. Gather the family for a time of giving back. From writing cards to planting trees, engage in community service today!

Neighborhood Clean-Up

Serve your community by cleaning up your neighborhood and parks

Give back to your community by cleaning it up! Grab a couple of trash bags and take a walk around your neighborhood or favorite park. Make a game out of it by seeing who can collect the most trash! 

Write Cards to Seniors

Serve your community by writing cards to seniors

Brighten up a senior’s day by making them a hand-made card! Your kiddos can exercise their artistic abilities by decorating and designing these notes of love. Have your kiddos write an encouraging message inside and send them off to Love For Our Elders, an organization that distributes these cards to seniors across the country. 

Click HERE to donate cards.

Collect Coats

Serve your community by collecting coats to donate

Finding your closets overflowing with coats you no longer wear? Gather the whole family for a day of closet-cleaning and coat collecting! Donate your old coats to One Warm Coat to provide a layer of warmth to those in need. If you want to go the extra mile, help your kiddos organize a neighborhood coat drive to collect even more coats!

Click HERE to donate coats.

Volunteer or Donate to Your Local Food Bank

Serve your community by volunteering or donating food to your local food bank

The Feeding America food banks fight hunger by distributing meals across the country. Use the Feeding America food bank locator to find a food bank near you. Depending on location, safe, in-person volunteer opportunities may be available for you and the kiddos. But you don’t have to physically be present to help! Your kiddos can collect canned food to donate to your local food bank. 

Click HERE to find your local food bank.

Make or Donate Blankets

Serve your community by making or donating blankets

Wrap a child in a warm, cozy hug this winter season. Donate blankets to Project Linus and partner with them in distributing blankets to seriously ill children across the country. If your child has a crafty side, you can help them hand-make blankets to donate! Project Linus provides a list of easy blanket patterns for all skill levels.

Click HERE to donate blankets.

Plant Trees

Serve your community by planting trees at your home or in community gardens

Give back to the Earth and make your community a more beautiful place by planting trees! Planting a tree is a special way for you and the kiddos to connect with our planet. American Forests lays out instructions for planting a tree on your own property or in a community garden. If you cannot plant a tree at your place of residence, you can help other people plant trees through your donations. Many organizations like American Forests, One Tree Planted, and Earth Day will plant one tree for every dollar you donate!

Click HERE to learn how to plant a tree.

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